November 07, 2016

Raghav tells us in detail about the Chord Mojo.

The Chord Mojo is a DAC/AMP (digital to analog converter and a headphone amplifier) from the United Kingdom and it will change the way you listen to music. This is a very easy concept. All the music that we consume today is all an digital format be it in our smartphone, in our laptops, or our MP3 players. Isn't it incredible that we have the convenience of carrying thousands of songs in our smartphone in our pocket?!

Our ears and headphones are not digital but analogue. Which means if you want to enjoy the music at some point of time the audio change from a digital to analogue format. Here, a DAC, a digital-to-analogue converter comes into picture.

Mostly all smartphones and laptops have some sort of DAC in-built but they are woefully inadequate and sound very ordinary. Some of them don't even support a high resolution audio format.

We call Chord's Mojo the Rolls Royce of the DAC world. The processing capacity of this device is nearly 500 times that of an any standard DAC. While compared to the latest Apple iPhone, Chord Mojo's audio output is 30 times more powerful and its dynamic range is 33% wider.

The Chord Mojo, if made to work with any smartphone, it instantly turns it into a high-resolution audio player. It works perfectly with laptops, tablets, media players, and even gaming consoles making the audio output sound more realistic, punchier, more detailed, articulate and enjoyable.

The Chord Mojo is a DAC par excellence. Chord Electronics have been pioneers in the field of DAC technology and they have released several ground breaking products including the Chord Hugo which is considered as the best that money can buy.

Chord Mojo is truly portable and amazing as Hugo, but at one-quarter of Hugo's price. Well, that is extraordinary. Once, you've heard this you are never looking back. The Chord Mojo has an impact and is sure to make a huge difference on the way you listen to music. Any kind of file format can be used with the Chord Mojo.

John Franks, the CEO and founder of Chord Electronics is an avionics engineer and we see design influences from the aircraft engineering field in the Chord Mojo right away. It's a single block of Aircraft grade aluminium which makes it phenomenally well built and durable. Its polished to a perfect matte black. There are 3 marble like buttons that light up in the different colours of the rainbow. The main power button changes color based on the quality of the source audio format you are using. So you can hear the difference from a better source and see the difference too. The volume buttons change color based on output level.

The Mojo feels very well designed, ergonomic, portable and easy to use. In terms of connectivity, again the Mojo is phenomenally versatile. The inputs include a Micro USB, coaxial and an optical jack. There is a separate Micro USB port for charging the device to ensure that there is no electrical noise interfering while the device is charging. Also there are no buttons or jacks to select the input, the Mojo automatically detects it and does everything else for you seamlessly. For outputs, there are two identical 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Chord Mojo has 10 hours of battery life which means that it can be used on-the-go for extended time. In terms of file formats, the Mojo supports virtually every conceivable kind of audio format from an MP3 to a FLAC and Lossless formats all the way up till DSD 256. It can also process audio from 44.1khz an incredible 768khz. The output power of the Chord Mojo is at 750mW. Which can drive even the hardest to drive headphone with ease. Everything in this pocket size package, that's insane.

Chord has also recently launched the Chord Mojo Cable Pack which comes along a wide range of cables specifically meant to be used to connect the Mojo with a wide array of devices. They include a Micro USB to Micro USB Cable, an OTG cable, an Optical Toslink Cable and a whole bunch of other really neat accessories.

The Chord Mojo can be used with any device, it's a simple plug and play operation. 

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