"Good things never come cheap – Jaybird X2 is just that one good thing." Indian Express Reviews the Jaybird X2

by Nausheen Shaikh January 11, 2016

This article was first published in Indian Express and can be viewed here.

You can’t enjoy music without a proper audio device. A song mixed on Marshal’s amplifier does need a decent set of earphones or speakers to understand the subtlety. Jaybird X2 is all about making people understand real subtleness.

Jaybird X2

For many, including tech reviewers, Jaybird Bluebirds X ranks as the best of all Bluetooth earbuds launched till date. With X2, Jaybird has tried to eliminate all of its shortcomings that couldn’t be addressed back then. So you get better audio drivers, better Bluetooth range, even better battery life and a neat carrying case. Is it still the best? We discover with musical note…

Price: Rs 15,999 (At Headphone Zone)

WATCH: Jaybird X2 first look video

What is good?

It is very rare to get everything right with Bluetooth earbuds since they leave little space to pack things and Jaybird could well be the best implementation yet and with X2, it maintains that distinctness. The green earbuds extended via black cable wrapping around your neck makes for statement.

The beautifulness of Jaybird X2 is the eartips. The moment you understand the right size (there is small, medium and large) for your ears, it is just about putting them in. It’s dead simple but the underlying tech is insanely intelligent too. Jaybird uses proprietary comply tech that expands to take shape of your inner ear and make the whole fit extremely comfortable. Also, Jaybird throws in three pairs of fins to make the fit even better. Take note, I didn’t use one for obvious reasons.

Jaybird X2 All Colours


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Eventually you are gonna listen to music on this one and trust me it doesn’t disappoint. In fact it offers most legitimate sound experience ever possible. From Coldplay to Chinmayi, music sounds just authentic. You will know all about that bass and even treble. Sorry Meghan, this one ain’t for you.

Another cool quotient of Jaybird X2 is its portability which moves around with you. I wore this and went for cycling through really rough roads and this guy stayed in my ears. I even went for a run with this one and it stayed. I slept wearing this once and even went for shower wearing this one. While my actions aren’t supposed to be replicated, Jaybird X2 survived with grace.

What is not good?

Undoubtedly, Jaybird X2 is the best Bluetooth earbuds available right now but it isn’t perfect.
My biggest problem with the earbuds were its controls. I was never able to control the volume of music. I always reached my phone for this relatively small thing.

While Jaybird claims improved Bluetooth range, I didn’t experience smooth sound play. It struggled when I moved away from my phone.

Should you buy?

I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t buy the Jaybird X2. Good things never come cheap – Jaybird X2 is just that one good thing.

It sounds great. It’s well engineered, offers premium fit and extremely portable. We can’t ask for more. If shelling out all these bucks doesn’t seem novel to you then buy original Jaybird Bluebirds X which are still great sounding earbuds.

Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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