Headphone Zone Face Off: Comparing the SoundMAGIC E10C & the Sennheiser CX275s

by Nausheen Shaikh August 02, 2016 5 Comments

Face Off - Comparing Budget In-Ear Earphones with Mic for Mobile Devices

Unique, all metal earphones with a 3 button inline remote.
Sennheiser CX 275s
In-ear headset with intuitive design and signature Sennheiser sound.


In the under-2000 price category, there are a lot of solid contenders vying for your attention. In today's face off, we will compare two of the most popular earphones in India.

It's SOUNDMAGIC - E10C vs. Sennheiser CX275s! Let's see who comes out on top.

Let's talk about Design and Comfort...


SOUNDMAGIC - E10CA noticeable upgrade to the E10S, the E10C comes in a metal build. 
The unique 3 button in-line enabled SoundMAGIC E10C comes in a striking metallic body. The metal build makes for a durable body. Surprisingly,this does not effect its lightweight feature making them easily portable. The E10C is available in 4 different colours. The metallic red accents and the L-R indicators may not appeal to all. The subtler black and gold is physically more attractive than the red and purple variants.

The unique 3 button in-line remote and microphone of the SoundMAGIC E10C sports 3 buttons with a solid action.This means you can stow away your smartphone, while answering calls and controlling your music on the go. 

Seven pairs of silicone ear-tips of varying sizes are provided, including a double-flanged pair. There's also a small carry case , a shirt clip, and a double-pin adapter to use the headset with a computer.

The twisted designed of the cable makes it tangle free. However, the outer plastic sheath of the cables, lend a shoddy look causing it to be a small turn off.

Sennheiser - CX275s

The CX 275s features a simple, lightweight design, with dark, metallic gray earpieces and black, ridged accents. The thin black cable has an inline remote and microphone of the single-button variety. As far as fit, the CX 275s feels quite secure—the earpieces are so lightweight and tiny, they're almost difficult to put in at first, but once they seal off the canal, they stay put.

The CX 275s comes with three pairs of black silicone ear tips, a cable adapter for Nokia-type phone connections, and a small black carrying pouch.

Unlike the E10s however, the CX275s' cables are more prone to tangles. And although touted to have a universal remote, there might be a few more compatibility issues from the latter.

Getting to how these sound...


Headphone Zone_SoundMAGIC_E10S_Black_top of phone

Here, we come to the E10C's biggest strength: its sonic performance. 

The impressive three-dimensional soundstage is clearly wide, ensuring that you enjoy a more natural sound experience.  The bass is heavy, without compromising on the mids and highs. Music from all genres sound great with this pair. Overall, the audio sounds clear and smooth.

A small complaint would be the noise isolation. It does not very effectively attenuate environmental sound. However, this can be improved with a pair of Comply ear tips.

Sennheiser - CX275s

On tracks with serious bass, the CX 275s provides ample boom, that too without distortion, even at high volumes. The CX 275s also manages to maintain a decent balance between lows and highs as well. 

Sometimes however, there is a  strange high-mid to high boosting. In specific areas, the highs are so boosted that there is a strange mix of elements stand that out dramatically.

Certain electronic percussive sounds can seem far too bright, even a bit harsh or tinny.  On tracks with serious bass, the CX 275s provides ample boom, that too without distortion, even at high volumes. The CX 275s also manages to maintain a decent balance between lows and highs as well. 

Bottom line, this is the earphone for bass lovers.

To summarise...

  • Strong Metal Durable Build
  • Universally Compatible Three-button Remote & Mic
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • 7 Pairs of Eartips for Comfort
  • Tangle Resistant Cables
  • Impressive Wide Soundstage & Balanced Sound
Sennheiser - CX275s
  • Simple Lightweight Build with Metallic Earpieces
  • Universally Compatible One-button Remote & Mic
  • Small Black Carrying Pouch
  • 3 Pairs of Eartips
  • Tangle Prone Cables
  • Heavy Bass


Too put in simple terms, the E10C has a comparatively balanced sound signature, and comes with a 3-button universal remote, so if you prefer clarity and are looking for convenient smartphone compatibility, then go for these. 

For those that prefer bass over everything, the single button enabled Sennheiser CX275s is a better option.

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Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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