"The RHA T10i is an all-rounder": Review by The Quint

by Shanika Jhunjhunwala March 31, 2016

(The article was written by S Aadeetya & originally published in Indian Express  here )

If Only the RHA T10i Headphones Were Lighter

RHA - T10i

RHA is a UK-based brand with a panache for high-quality audio products. According to the brand, they focus on crafting their headphones unlike any other. This can definitely be seen in the T10i and the T20i headphone series. There aren’t many over-the-ear headphones available in India but that’s exactly what Headphonezone sells in the market. The RHA T10i is part of their product family that is priced around Rs 15,000.
Key Features: RHA T10i
  • Handmade, high-fidelity sound drivers
  • Built with stainless steel
  • Supports noise cancellation
  • Interchangeable tuning headphone filters
  • Remote button with microphone
  • Priced at Rs 14,999

What’s Good?

The RHA T10i over-the-ear headphones play the part of a high-end audio product. It’s made of stainless steel with RHA imprinting on both the pieces.

RHA - T10i

The body is neatly wrapped with tuning filters that have been given a metallic finish. All in all, the design part of T10i has been well covered and thought out by the brand. Coming to the audio, the T10i comes with noise cancellation technology. Once you get a grip on how the headphone is worn, you’ll enjoy the audio output and delivery that the T10i gives you. The best part about the headphone is the all-round capability which enables you to enjoy all kinds of music. With the T10i, you’ll enjoy listening to soft classic, mid-tone jazz and there’s enough thump to delight the bass lovers.

RHA - T10i


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If you’re wondering how the T10i manages to stand out on all fronts, it’s the inter-changeable filters. RHA has bundled the T10i with filters that can be fine-tuned from treble to heavy bass. Not many headphones in this range are offering this feature. 

RHA - T10i

To make sure that the T10i fits every user, RHA packs an extensive set of changeable cushions. They’ve also thrown in a leather-made hand case for your travels.

What’s Bad?

The downside of having headphones built out of stainless steel is that they’re heavy, which really bothers us. These over-the-ear headphones cannot be worn for a long time and its design causes it to heat up. 

RHA - T10i

Although the T10i’s cords are bendable, the form factor of the T10i may not appeal to everyone. We had to browse through different manuals to understand how the T10i is worn.

RHA - T10i

Some of the in-line remote’s functions don’t work with Android and Windows devices, and, therefore, the user remains restricted to the Apple ecosystem. Most people won’t feel comfortable buying high-end headphones which may not work with their existing devices.

Why Buy It?

RHA - T10i

The RHA T10i is an all-rounder and works well with different music genres. It comes with noise cancellation technology like every premium headphone in the market. The interchangeable tuning filters, that come bundled with the product, allow the user to switch between treble-friendly and heavy bass output. However, we’re not big fans of over-the-ear headphones, especially as they feel heavy with prolonged usage. For Rs 14,999 there’s a lot to like about the RHA T10i but it comes with its own set of deficiencies that should be ironed out in the next iteration.
Shanika Jhunjhunwala
Shanika Jhunjhunwala

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