Noise Blockers – The V-MODA VIP Faders and Comply Acoustic Foam Ear tips

by Reedhi Mukherjee January 14, 2015

Modernity is not only present in infrastructure and thought models, but also in noise levels. The newer our age gets, the noisier it becomes. Listening to music and indulging in other noise-less activities has become a tough feat to achieve. This is probably why some of the best audio geniuses came up with the concept of noise blockers. As the name suggests, they block the noise, giving you a fresh and uncorrupted listening experience. Essentially there are two such products that ensure pure music without any noise and a clear listen, namely the Comply Acoustic Foam Ear-tips and the V-MODA VIP Faders, which even help you against hearing loss.

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Speaking of help against hearing loss, we would like to begin with the V-MODA Faders and how they have proved themselves to be the best earplugs present on the face of the Earth today.  The Faders are a pair of earplugs that boast of audio engineering at its zenith. Coming with varied sizes of medical grade BLISS 3.0 hybrid silicone fittings to preserve not just the music that is being played but also your hearing, it proves itself to be the alpha earplug. The noise cancellation of this beauty of gadgetry is such that DJs and musicians can play live in their concerts with these on, to avoid the cheers of crowd from distracting them. It protects your hearing by filtering unwanted noise up till 12dB and can even be adjusted with the bud sizes they offer. The packaging is splendid when it comes to V-MODA. These too come in a shell carry case that snugly fits these earplugs inside it. The cords to these are detachable from both the ends, which make these extremely easy to store. Developed by VMODA’s founder and DJ, Val Kolton with the help of  famous musicians like Erick Morillo, the Faders are claimed as better than even customized earphones. Does it get better than this? We think not.

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Unlike the Faders, which are earplugs, the Comply Acoustic Foam ear-tips are merely foam ear-tips. No metal body and no cord. But these are one of the best of industrial design ever seen. Foam ear-tips designed to seal in music, cancel and totally block any external noise, and as comfortable as comfort comes. Revolutionary products, the Comply Acoustics are eartips that are temperature sensitive and take the shape of your unique canal by detecting the warmth in your body. These ear-tips them give you not only the best grip, but a noise blockage that is a novelty indeed. The hifi decibel reducer, reduces noise decibels upto 15dB and filters in only what you want to hear. These too are preferred by many musicians especially drummers to wear while jamming or even performing live in concerts. These are real noise blockers that can never disappoint.

Noise Blockers thus are the concept that has been materialized fundamentally by these two products that express the type of noiseless lifestyle the world want to aim for while retaining the rich heritage of music.

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Reedhi Mukherjee
Reedhi Mukherjee

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