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by Reedhi Mukherjee January 13, 2015

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The brand that has always offered delightful luxury and exquisite products that spoils its customers for life comes with another such exhibit called the Image X11i. A pair that expresses such flamboyance, these are known to be the world’s lightest and smallest headphones. Feather-light and how, these can make you forget you even have them on. Constructed with audiophile grade armature unit, these are exactly what we call classy and plush. The oval eartips, which is patented feature for Klipsch allows for extremely comfortable prolonged wearing and the three button inline remote control and microphone can only be used with Apple devices, making this pair immensely exclusive.

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Using the Klipsch X11i leaves you with unparalleled feeling of luxury, and an experience that you could get used to anytime. The audiophile grade drivers ensure an audio that is uncorrupted and smooth. No harsh highs and no distorted lows, these are certain things you could even forget under the gigantic sonic umbrella of these tiny wonders. A realistic soundstage is a promise that is delivered and kept, and kept well. The sleek and narrow design that Klipsch tends to project in all its earphones, leaves them feeling light ion you ears, comfort ergo, is paramount. With these earphones, Klipsch seems to have redressed its earlier weakness of a brittle cord because the X11i might be small and light but definitely not brittle. The Kevlar infused flat cord is durable and can withstand many a twists and turns. Though a premium product like this is considered delicate, we advise you against being fooled by its looks.

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Uncompromised music, and an uncompromised design, it takes a step further for an uncompromised packaging. A leather storage pouch reinforces the idea of the grade of service Klipsch is out to provide. It is premium in every way. Packed with oval eartips of different sizes, the variation in them happens to be quite accommodating and caters to all sizes of ear canals for the best fit.

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Lastly, the most exclusive feature of this pair is the three button remote control and microphone that has been modified only to be used with Apple devices. Apple, a brand that has promised avant-garde and nothing else, the Klipsch X11i seems to compliment this idea seamlessly. The remote has been studded with three quite elusive buttons that can control everything from calls to playlists. With the cable clip that comes along with them, the earphones can be attached to your attire so that you don’t have to fumble for your music player to change the song. The microphone offers a high quality of speech transmission, raising the standards to a new high. Cancelling ambient noise, the microphone transmits your voice devoid of any hitches while you are on a call. The Klipsch X11i is recommended to be used with only Apple devices because the microphone is compatible only with the same.

Premium not only in built but also in deliverance, The Klipsch X11i is definitely a product that you must lay your hands on.

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Reedhi Mukherjee
Reedhi Mukherjee

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