by Abheer Monga February 06, 2015

Bone conduction earphones at

As much as we love music, we don’t much stop to think how much it must be adversely affecting our hearing abilities. The loud volumes and the vibration are actually unhealthier than it looks. Most of the time the fancy exterior of the earphones keep us occupied with our music, preventing any other thought , especially about our auditory organs. If not placed properly, in-ear earphones can actually prove to be more problematic than they seem. Minute distance between the eardrum and the ear-tip stuffed in the ear canal can take an ugly turn.

Bone conduction is a technology that actually helps this unfavorable situation. This enormously innovative technology conducts sound through the skull bone instead of putting pressure on your ear canal. Bone Conduction earphones are essentially designed in a way to surround the skull instead of putting that pressure on the ear canal. The skull always transfers the sound till our ears in a slightly lower frequency which saves the ears from getting too pressurized from higher decibels. The higher the frequency, the higher is the stress on your ears.

With the help of this technology there are a number of aspects that change for the better. The noise isolation is optimum which allows you for a great music listening experience and consistent awareness of what you are surrounded by so that you can easily have these headphones or earphones on and walk around. Also, because the inside of your ear can actually breathe and is allowed in air, it reduces the chances of deafness and infection to a large extent. Hence bone conduction actually makes the real music listening experience an easier and healthier one.

Bone conduction earphones at


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What began as a solution to teen and hence pre-mature deafness, bone conduction is actually a very preferred technology when it comes to sports headphones as you need to have them on while you’re indoors as well as outdoors. The modern features allow for a great use in both such environments. The Panasonic RP-HGS10 is one such behind-the-neck headphone that encircles your skull bone, allowing the flow of sound to reach your ears without affecting them unsympathetically. Ergo, you can enjoy your favorite songs while you are on the run, without being completely unaware of your ambient surroundings.

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Abheer Monga
Abheer Monga

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