For The Indian Buyer: Reviewing The Marshall Monitor

by Reedhi Mukherjee March 02, 2015

Overall a great pair of headphones, the Marshall Monitor brings you the exact mood of the richly storied brand and of course the era of Rock. Here is an honest review of these very handsome headphones.


It goes without saying that Marshall has always put in more than just a thought in their designs of headphones, earphones, amplifiers and speakers. Even at the unboxing of this particular headphone, it instantly instills you with the feeling of the brand. Plush faux leather coating, brass lining and the embellished Marshall brand name design the headphones. They feel so luxurious that you are only tempted to try them on that much quicker.

The headband is made of strong matte metal and neatly wrapped with faux leather that though isn’t genuine but still gives you the same feel. The ear-cups have comfortable and soft vinyl lining that make the ear-pads rest precisely over your ears. For those who are looking for a very precisely snug fit, Marshall Monitor has you covered because it fits just right over your ears and are actually smaller than other over-ears. The coiled cord is reminiscent of a guitar and proves that everything about the brand brings you closer to the grunge. The dynamic drivers are large of about 40mm and the headphones come with a one button remote control neatly placed that can be used for phone calls and music alike. An eminently embossed Marshall logo looks at you from the textured ear-cans, a design feature to look out for. Also, the spare socket allows you to share music with your friends, which make for a great aural experience.

Great lookers, these headphones are definitely a ten on ten on that.

Sound and performance

The Marshall Monitor might be one of the best when it comes to looks but are probably not for the audiophiles out there. The bass reach is wonderfully low and is highly impressive. The mid range is crystal clear and does well on tracks that require treble. The highs do not get distorted but not as powerful as you would expect. What we would recommend these headphones for would be the bass response which is amazing and the noise isolation which make these lithe headphones perfect for travelling and using in noisy areas.

Out an out, the looks are far too pleasing, and the bass is impressive. If you are looking for light over ear headphones that give you more than decent noise isolation and a fairly impressive sonic experience, you are probably looking at the right choice!

Check out the Marshall Monitor here

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Reedhi Mukherjee
Reedhi Mukherjee

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