How to Choose the Best Sports Earphones Under Rs.6000

by Reedhi Mukherjee March 13, 2015


Are you sure that headphones you listen to while commuting are the best for when you are out on a run? Think again. The world today has been optimised to your benefits and there are earphones that have been succinctly customised to be used for sports, or an engagement in the most vigorous of workout sessions in the gym. As we never fail to specify, there is one for everyone. Here are the features you must look out for when you are looking for the right sports earphones under Rs 6000:

 Water resistance

As it is a sports earphone, it is important for it to be moisture resistant. An earphone that is hardy enough to withstand the stresses of sweat and water, stresses that are only common when on a workout routine, is an earphone worth exploring more. Products such as the Panasonic RP-HGS-10, Sennheiser PMX 685iAdidas among many others are water and sweat resistant and fit snugly in a budget of Rs 6000.


It is important to have unrestrained movement while you are on the run or in the gym. Hence, choosing an earphone that provides you with optimum mobility is important. If the earphone is wireless, corded from one side or can be worn behind the neck, then it is the right option. Products such as JBL Synchros Reflect BT and Jabra Step are great options for the same. Meant for sports, these are extremely mobility-friendly earphones.

 Noise isolation

While you are in the run, you would want to get deep into your music and cut the outside noise of cars and buses. However, it is essential to have optimum noise isolation instead of noise cancellation. Reason being, if you are out on a run and love the doors, optimum noise isolation allows you enjoy situational awareness so that you can hear the important signs of approaching cars etc.

 Inline microphone and remote control

Who would want to fumble for their smartphones or music players in their pocket while they busy in a workout session. Thus, it becomes a crucial feature to have an inline microphone and remote control or buttons on the side of your earphone (in case of wireless earphones) so that you can take and reject calls and control your music without reaching for your pocket. Jabra Step and JBL Synchros Reflect BT have inline microphone and remote control and give you that option. Whereas, the Sennheiser PX685i and PMX685i series have their inline microphone and remote control on the cord.

 The above features are the most important to look for when you are looking for the best sports earphones.

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Reedhi Mukherjee
Reedhi Mukherjee

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