Sony’s New Stereo Bluetooth Headset – The SBH70

by Reedhi Mukherjee April 18, 2015

The new Sony Bluetooth headset that has been launched comes with a modern ergonomic finish and voice command feature, making it a handy one. Also, it makes the lives of Xperia users much easier as it is being called the perfect accessories for these phones.

These headphones come with memory metal build that actually remember the shape of your ears making it more comfortable for you each time you hear it. Also, because of their lightweight design and features, it is even easy to wear for long hours. You can make voice commands to our phone and control your calls and playlist just from the microphone. The headset comes with optimum noise cancellation so that you can make your calls and listen to music even in slightly noisier environments.

Other features of these headphones include one touch NFC connectivity, water resistance and multipoint connectivity. It also comes with 126 mAH, giving you 6 hours of music streaming, which is pretty great.

It comes in four colours and you can choose the ones that suit your unique personality the best.

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Reedhi Mukherjee
Reedhi Mukherjee

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