Mr Sachin Kini's Review of the JAYS a-Jays One

by Ahsan Lilani March 28, 2015

Sachin Kini


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Sachin, an avid JAYS lover was kind enough to share with us his views on the a-Jays One. As we read his review, we couldn’t agree more.

First Impressions

What are your thoughts on the product design?

The a-Jays box in which it comes , is quality written all over it , a very neat durable hard plastic box  , was very impressed , the way the flat cable connects the earpiece tells you everything about how well its made.

How would you judge the build and durability of the earphones?

Excellent build quality. I was looking for flat cable earphones and have  been  using them for about 6 months so far. I haven’t really encountered any sort of issue with these. They certainly look very durable ; maybe after 6 more months I could have a better say on the durability.

Comfort and Fit

Is the fit comfortable? At a stretch, for how many hours do you listen to music and is it comfortable to use over longer sessions? 

Easy on the ears & fits like a glove. These come with 5-6 ear bud sizes to choose from. I listen to them on my HTC One. They are really loud and have very clear music every time - no jarring on max volume. A joy ride really. Never had issues using it for longer sessions.

Did you find a correctly sized ear-tip for yourself? Also how are the noise isolation levels for this particular pair when you are out and about?

Yes I did. It doesn’t fall out and its not so tight - just right. The in-ear buds never let anything in except for the music you're listening to and provide absolute isolation .Wouldn’t recommend listening to them on max volume because its really loud.


How would you describe the Soundstage for these earphones?

On very little volume you could get the best  out it , the range is absolutely awesome.

Sound Clarity/Instrument separation?

Amazing clarity, no distortion or cracking sounds whatsoever.

Do you find any noticeable difference between the lows, highs and mids?

Not really. They are very well balanced.

What genres sound best with these earphones?





Do you use a headphone amplifier with it?


What is the audio source that you use for listening to music?

HTC One M7


Overall, how satisfied are you with your purchase?

Overall it’s a bargain. The best set of earphones I have purchased .

Design 9/10

Cable Quality 10/10

Ear-Buds 10/10

Sound Clarity 10/10

The only sort of detail which would be kind of annoying is the jack handle. It’s a flat one so at times it comes off in the pocket.

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Ahsan Lilani
Ahsan Lilani

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