Happy Easter Monday!

by Kamna Karam April 06, 2015

Celebrate this Easter with Headphone Zone's very own Easter Egg!

We're so excited to launch the SmartCase - the colourful silicone storage case for your earphones!

Created to  guard, carry, store and protect  your earphones from dirt and grime, the SmartCase also keeps your earphones untangled. All you have to do is simply wrap your earphones around the lid and close gently.

We love the SmartCase for its endless colour combinations: from black, blue, white, green, yellow and pink, there are 36 options for you to choose from.

A glimpse...

Get your SmartCase for Rs.249/- only!

And #AskHeadphoneZone to know more!

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Kamna Karam
Kamna Karam

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