Why Do You Need To Take A (Headphone) Stand?

by Nausheen Shaikh May 07, 2015

We know that the love for great sound and music flows through the veins of audiophiles the world over. Your headphones are your lifelines, money is  no object and you take great pride in them.

Then why do you stuff it away in your drawers and cupboards or leave them lying around on your beds and table tops? Why not give them a throne, a place to call home? Somewhere, they can rest and be displayed properly?

Our Headphone Stands will do this and a lot more. 

Coming in three different variants, the Metalico, the Acero and the Omega; these headphone stands have been designed to suit all your tastes and preferences. 

Metalico Stainless Steel Headphone Stand

Made with high quality stainless steel, the Metallico has been cleverly designed to fit and carry all kinds of headphones. The hangar-shaped stand is anti-static and non-magnetic ensuring that the sensitive magnets in your headphone's driver units aren't messed with.

The anti-corrosive and brushed-finish stands come in a variety of colours hat'll suit every palate:  Gold, Gunmetal Black, Copper Red & Silver.

Take your pick!

Omega - Handcrafted Wooden Headphone Stand

The Headphone Zone Omega is a lovingly handcrafted pedestal for your headphones. Shaped like the Greek letter Omega(Ω), these headphones have been contoured according to the structure of your headphones. 

These teak-wood finished luxurious stands have been constructed using a single piece of wood and then lacquered for an impeccable sheen.

Get yours now!

Acero Stainless Steel Headphone Stand

The Acero is the best of both worlds! Designed like the Omega and created like the Metalico, this headphone stand is sleek and stylish. 

The rounded top and upturned U-shape makes these very user-friendly. And just like the Metalico, they are anti-corrosive, anti-static and non-magnetic!

Available in attractive colours such as Gold, Copper Red, Silver & Gunmetal Black, pick your favourite!


Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out our collection of headphone stands or #AskHeadphoneZone to know more!

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Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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