Headphone Zone Face Off: Comparing the JayBird Bluebuds X & Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless

by Nausheen Shaikh September 19, 2015

For your daily sport and work out needs, you need earphones that apart from sounding great, also fit comfortably, are sweat resistant and preferably without the hassle of wires.

In today's face off, we'll compare two of the best sports wireless earphones in the business, the JayBird Bluebuds X & the Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless. Read on to find out who wins the race!

Comparing Design:

JayBird Bluebuds X: These earphones are one of the smallest Bluetooth earphones available, but pack a lot of punch in a tiny package. They have a  dual-fit, sweat-resistant design for runners and sports fanatics that want to enjoy a good soundtrack.

The Bluebuds X come within a small hard case box which includes; a microUSB charging cable, three sets of honeycomb-style ear tips and ear cushions in three sizes for the perfect fit. Their unique X Fit allows you to wear them with the cable hanging low or above the ear to prevent tangling or irritating cords.

You'll actually have to read the instructions to get the fit right, especially with the management clips to tighten the cord. The inline multi-function three button remote & mic is a big plus. 

For the Bluebuds X, finding the right fit is a process of trial and error. However, once you get it right, it's very comfortable. Personally, I prefer the over ear option with the included Comply Foam eartips while running. It's more secure. Under the ear, it has a tendency to fall out during rigorous activities.

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Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless: The biggest selling point of these earphones is its accurate heart monitoring system. And that, delivers. We'll get back to that later in this review.

The Sports Pulse Wireless, unlike the Bluebuds X' three colour options, comes in black with yellow accents. The water resistant design has two clunky earpieces with earhooks in three different sizes. Built into the outside of the left earbud is the handy Sport button. While the accompanying app is running, a quick press on the Sport button will give you an update on progress, including distance, time, heart rate and other tracking metrics. 

They also stay firmly in place during adverse & rigorous activities and environmental conditions.

The issue with these earphones is that they tend to get itchy and uncomfortable in a short while. And unlike the Bluebuds X' impressive 8 hour battery life and Bluetooth range, they last for only 4 hours and the sound distorts at about 8 metres away from the source. 

Comparing Sound & Performance

JayBird Bluebuds X: What the Bluebuds X miss out with their temperamental fit, they make up in spades with their sound. With enough bass to pump up your workouts without compromising on clarity.

These are the best sounding Bluetooth earphones we've ever tried out. The bass response impresses, trebles are clean and crisp with warm mids and barely any distortion.

The Bluebuds X are actually my go to earphones for daily use. So, even if you aren't a sports fanatic, don't hesitate to buy them!

Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless: Compared to other Jabra earphones, these provide a marked improvement in terms of sound quality. It's a little bass heavy with decent detail and clarity. Jabra's Sound app does offer the ability to enhance sound quality with Dolby high-definition sound, which is richer and more detailed.

As specified earlier, the biggest selling point of these earphones is the heart rate monitoring.  Since the important technology is packed into the left earbud, as soon as you take it out, you'll lose detection. Jabra manages to pack an optomechanical sensor that shines light against the skin inside your ear to detect your pulse and oxygen consumption and generate a reading. Once you've connected them to a phone using Bluetooth or NFC and set up the companion app, a voice prompt will let you know when the heart-rate sensor is tracking.

Monitoring is extremely accurate, except for the distance run. It can sometimes show upto 0.5km difference.

But, on the whole the technology is smart and impressive.


Only on the basis of sound quality and comfort, the Bluebuds X come out on top. The fit maybe finicky, but once it's sorted, you're good to go for a long time.

If you want to integrate your wearable technology with your earphones, then the Pulse Wireless earphones are the way to go.


What do you think? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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