"A great pair of headphones surely is worthy enough of that extra money they come for.": Aayush Gupta talks about his a-JAYS One

by Shanika Jhunjhunwala January 06, 2016

Aayush Gupta


Rock and Metal fan.

Aayush Gupta gives us his review on  JAYS - a-Jays One


Design & Build

The ear pieces are very tiny when compared to other headphones. The black plastic body with JAYS written on the back in white gives a premium touch to it. The flat, thick cable makes it almost impossible to tangle and also ensures durability. But absence of any sort of strain relief on the ear pieces creates a doubt in mind about its longevity. The cable is of decent length and can be used for portable purposes very conveniently. The left and right indicators are clearly mentioned in white to avoid any confusion.

The Fit

The silicone tips provided don’t fit my ears well and I use Comply foam tips to get a proper seal. The cable, despite being flat, and ear pieces, despite being tiny, aren’t light weight and feel a little bulky when worn. Every time I put them in my ears, it feels as if they’ll pop out after a few minutes. But to my surprise, every time, they stay well in my ears even when I head-bang while listening to songs.

Sound & Performance

Hands down, probably the most natural and accurate sounding headphones I have ever used. The sound signature is truly mind-blowing and everything from bass and mids to highs is top-notch. I mean I will not nit-pick here so, these sound absolutely brilliant. Sound is a subjective matter. I like more balanced sound and that may not be the case with everyone.
I tested the headphones with a lot of songs but I’d be mentioning only a few here.

The very first song that I played was from Lamb of God’s album As the Palaces Burn. Randy
Blythe’s growling in the song “Vigil” literally gave me goosebumps. Drums and guitars were already excellent in the song but were now more clearly pronounced.

Next up, I played a softer song, “So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold and was really amazed how well the headphones handled the acoustics. I could actually hear the sliding of fingers from one chord to another. The bass was tight and snare drum and tom hits were spot on.

Fully satisfied with my purchase decision, I moved on to listen The Black Dahlia Murder’s “Moonlight Equilibrium”. The instrument separation was remarkable and there was no overpowering of any frequencies. The vocals seemed a little harsh though.

Next up in the line were songs from genres like jazz, pop, R&B. “At your service” by Oli Silk sounded pretty good and I wasn’t expecting the kind of performance the headphones gave. One song was enough to judge how they would fare for the rest - Good.

Finally, I played Dark Funeral’s “My Funeral”. Clear. Excellent. Astounding. Yes! It seemed as if Satan is calling for me. So much depth and so much liveliness that I couldn’t resist myself to listen it 3 more times.

A great pair of headphones might not be pleasing to the eyes and might not be full of additional features but surely is worthy enough of that extra money they come for because of the warm and vivid sound quality.

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Shanika Jhunjhunwala
Shanika Jhunjhunwala

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