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For The Confused Indian Buyer: Here Are The Best Earphones Under Rs. 5000

This price category is where you will get really good sounding headsets. If you're looking for earphones that will lend you a more serious audio experience, then you should definitely take a look at this list.

What to Expect in this Category?
  • Sound Quality : Expecting extra bass? This price category will have a more balanced sound.  
  • Form Factor: Earphones will definitely be better in quality than headphones in this range. More thought has gone into making these extremely comfortable.
  • Build Quality: Earphones in this range mostly sport a metal body, making them very sturdy. They will last you for a long while, in terms of durability.
  • An in-line  remote and mic may or may not be available at this price point.

This list has been compiled with the help of users as well as our in-house experts.

In no particular order, here we go!

1.  MEE Audio - M6 Pro

Stylish Body, Good Bass  

MEE Audio has evidently grown from being an unknown brand to a go to brand in the world of audio. It has always presented us with value for money, quality audio gear.

The M6Pro from house of MEE Audio are in-ear monitors, designed to inside a clear see through housing. Thus, allowing you to see your IEMs meticulously at work.   Positioned as “musician’s in ear monitors” the model is available in two variants, Smoke and Clear, and make for a nice pair to be used by musicians on and off stage.

The M6Pro flaunts a nice stylish and cool body, however we wish the build quality was better.

The headphones come with detachable cables, which an advantage, sighting if you ever have to replace your cable. The package also includes a spare cable so you do not have to worry much about the wear and tear.

Like the JAYS a-JAYS Four+, the M6Pro too features a microphone and remoteletting you seamlessly control your music volume as well as answer calls. You can stow away your phone into your bag without having to fetch it every time you receive a call.

A good fit is important to enjoy the best of your music, and MEE Audio has taken this very seriously. Great effort has been put in to make sure you enjoy the best of it. The unique shaped housing has a lot to do with this. The M6Pro gives you a nice seal, ensuring that yours ears take all the melody that they are presented with.

When it comes to the sound, we are not surprised.  They have been tuned to produce deep bass with crystal clear sound. Thus, you get a mix of finely accentuated highs without bass. MEE Audio definitely need to take a bow, for ensuring clarity without missing out on the much needed fun bits.

Noise isolation is astoundingly superior and can be further enhanced by using the 6 pair of silicon ear tipsthat come included in the package.

The included tiny protective carry case allows for easy travel and portability.

Siddharth Parwatay, Digit

" MEE Audio M6 Pro offers great tonal accuracy with superb low frequency response. You get your deep lows and pounding thumps without sacrificing on the tonal clarity of the higher frequency ranges. "


Power of good bass
Stylish body
Remote and Microphone

Lacks tonal accuracy


Our Verdict:
Well rounded pair that you will love if you are all about that bass.


2.  RHA - MA600

Premium handmade IEMs from Scotland

RHA has made a name for itself worldwide as the 'Aston Martin of Headphones', for their tremendous attention to detail, use of premium materials and their trademark Aerophonic Design that delivers true-to-life audio. It has repeatedly come to offer budget earpieces, without compromising on the quality.

RHA’s MA600 comes with an exceptional build quality. The earpieces are made of highly durable aircraft grade aluminium that is handmade by RHA. It sports a steel sleek looking body that is lightweight and stylish.

As for the cables, the MA600 features a dual-insulated cable that reduces cable sound and transmits more detailed sound. They are tangle- free and are extremely tough and durable. The contoured over-ear cable lets you wear your earphone in a traditional as well as over the ear fashion.

A negative in the MA600 is the absent remote and microphone. This makes music control and answering calls a task. However, if this feature is something that you are importantly seeking, then the RHA MA600i is a worthy update.

The trademark Aerophonic™ Design, with its most efficient tailor made shape fits your ear canals perfectly, producing a true-to-life music experience.

Noise isolation is something that the M600 effortlessly attenuates. Adding to this, an entire set of 8 silicon ear tips is included in the package. This gives you endless options to choose from, for the most perfectly customised fit.

When it comes to the sound, the RHA MA600 produces a superbly precise balanced sound with its 320.1 custom made drivers that perfectly blends with the aluminuim housing. The bass is not overpowering, letting the mids and highs stand out with detail and clarity.

The included stylish hard carry case ensures safe portability and storage.

The RHA MA600 like most RHA products comes with an astounding 3 year warranty!


"Sometimes you’re just in the mood to spend a little more for something that looks and feels just that little bit more special. That's what the RHA MA600 in-ears are, and if that bass was just a little tighter we'd be giving them the full five star. "


Aerophonic Design
3 year warranty
Durable tough cable
No remote and Microphone


Our Verdict:
If you are looking for tough durable earphones that will last you long, while giving you the most balanced audio, then the MA600 is for you.


3.  FIIO - EX1

A Titan in FiiO clothing

FiiO, the Chinese audio brand has come to be well renowned among most audiophiles for its quality audio products and accessories. This time however, the brand takes a leap into the headphone market with its EX1 in-ears. So how well does it perform on this front? Let’s walk you through.

The EX1 flaunts a stylish metal body, with anodized duralumin for the back half, and stainless steel for the front half. This makes the body durable, and it seems like the EX1 can take some amount of abuse.The earphones look very premium and well built. It is fair to say that the EX1 shares similarities to the Dunu Titan series.

For comfort during long listening sessions, the EX1 features an offset nozzle design ensuring that you do not suffer from earache. Lending a comfortable music listening experience is important, something most audio brands do not lay much emphasis on. Fiio scores extra points for this.

The cable comprises of 42 strands of high purity OFC copper intertwined with 250D fiber strands ensuring that the cables last long and transmit the most sonic sound. So what does that even mean? all these fancy features lend some serious strength to the build of this product. The outer coating is made of medical grade TPE to reduce cable microphonics and apparently minimises skin allergies. However, the cable sometimes feels slimy, causing it to be a bit of a turn off.

Another downside is that the EX1, like the MA600 does not come with a remote and microphone making music control and answering calls a task.

When it comes to the sound, the EX1 houses Nanotech Titanium Diaphragm Drivers that is supposed to deliver even power across all frequencies. The bass is punchy, while the mids are smooth sounding recessed at intervals. The highs are sharp but may not appeal to every ear. While, the sound stage is surprisingly wide. Overall, it provides a natural yet fun and energetic sound.

The ear plugs feature vents, thus it is not surprising that the sound stage is brilliantly wide

Noise isolation is decent. The package also comes with different sized eartips that enable you to choose the most perfect and secure fit.

FiiO X1 comes with a One year warranty.


"The FiiO EX1 is the new budget audiophile in-ear headphone champ! "


Durable metal build
Natural energetic sound
Comfortable for long listening sessions
No remote and microphone


Our Verdict:
If you are looking for excellent sound production without expecting much noise isolation, then you should go for the EX1.



An elegant earphone with a dedicated universal remote for all smartphone devices

The Swedish brand is well known for its extreme attention to detail and highly stylish audio headphones. This time around the brand brings to us a new addition to its award winning JAYS series, the a-JAYS Four+.

JAYS a-JAYS Four+ comes in a very stylish executive design, where cool and elegance come together. There is absolutely no flashiness in show here; however the earphones very easily make its way through on the style front. The model comes in two basic solid colours: black and white, while the gold and silver accents adds to its aesthetic appeal. The body is matt finished lending it a nice soft touch.

The headphones feature a flat cable, which makes it extremely convenient to handle. They are tangle free and feel very durable.

The biggest boon that comes with this model is its dedicated inline mic and remote. The three-button remote allows you to control your music and calls with ease. Now you do not have to fetch your smartphone, every time you need to carry out these functions. Unlike conventional remotes, the a-JAYS Four+ has a sleek remote with added metallic accents.

The improved noise-reduction microphone technology effectively attenuates environmental noise, letting you enjoy your music without external disturbance. In order to further enhance your music listening experience, the package like most earphones in this list comes with 5 different sized ear tips for a snug fit.

When it comes to the sound, the a-JAYS Four+ have been fitted custom drivers enabling it to reproduce music from all genres without compromising on its quality. The earphones are powered with extra base. The mids and the treble is well controlled but is sometimes overpowered by the extra base. Overall, the sound is warm and mellow.

Unlike a-JAYS Five these earphones do not come with an added carry case, thus making portability difficult.

JAYS a-JAYS Four+ comes with Two years warranty.


"To clarify, we tested the a-Jays Four and then dropped back to the stock iPhone buds to check, and the difference was profound. If you're still making do with the stock buds, you're really missing out."


 Stylish matte finished build
Microphone and remote
Tangle free cable
Over powering bass


Our Verdict:
An elegant earphone with a dedicated remote for all smartphone devices.


Consult an Expert Now
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5.  Rock Jaw Audio-Alfa Genus V2

Good Build Quality. Crisp Audio  

British Company, Rock Jaw Audio is a relatively new company, but is doing a commendable job in the world of audio and music. The brand has been attracting attention for the producing budget headphones without compromising on the quality.
A visible upgrade to the older generation, they bring to us the Alfa Genus V2.

The earphones come with a build that is sturdy and durable. It features high quality hybrid construction of Aluminium and Ebony. The design is remarkably simple and contemporary to look at, with great attention to detailing.

The cable used is tangle resistant, and has been made of substantial rubber. They look durable and can be depended on to transmit your audio without disturbance and cable noise distortion.

When it comes to sound, the Alpha Genus V2 is fitted with 8mm drivers and produces audio that is noticeably crisper, brighter and fuller than most earphones in this range. There is absolute no muddiness with the instruments. The separation is great making them a very good choice for quality audio.

A big boon with the Alfa Genus V2 is the interchangeable filters, that come included in the package. The three filters can be easily swapped to enjoy 3 different responses namely bass, high and neutral. They come in 3 different colours, for easy and quick identification. Although this may sound gimmicky, swapping the filters does make a different to the audio you listen to.

If you are looking for answering calls with these, then you are in for disappointment. These in-ears do not come with an inline microphone and remote, making you have to fetch your device out every time you have to skip tracks or adjust the volume.

The Alfa Genus 2 comes with multiple comes with two pairs of memory foam and 3 Silicone Ear tips that will enhance your in-ear fit. They also aid in attenuating unwanted external noise.

The Carry case allows you to carry these around, while, also stow these away when not in use.

Ali Pardiwala, NDTV

" The Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 offers enough to make it worthy of its name. The V2 offers different sonic signatures through its interchangeable tuning filter system, for a sound that can be however you prefer it. "


Excellent Sound Quality
3 Interchangeable Filters

No microphone


Our Verdict:
With its interchangeable filters you enjoy the sound of three earphones at the price of one. A total steal!


These were the best 5 headphones that come under Rs 5000. Although there are other headphones that come in this budget, these are the ones that we found are most Value-for-money. Hope this will help you choose the headphone that is most suitable for yourself. 

What are your favourite headphones in this range? Do let us know in the comments below!

If you'd like to learn more,  #AskHeadphoneZone!


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