"Premium design at a high price": Avani of Times of India Reviews the Jays u-JAYS Headphones

by Aliza Baidya June 20, 2016

This article was written by Avani Bagga and first appeared in The Times of India  here.


* All-metal design
* Good noise cancellation
​* Clear output even at higher volume levels
Having arrived in India a few months back, Swedish audio equipment manufacturer Jays recently launched its premium on-ear headphones. Dubbed u-Jays, the headphones are priced at Rs 15,999.

This has has put Jays in direct competition with brands that have already established themselves as high-end headphones brands in India, such as Sennheiser and Bose.

We spent a few days with u-Jays, and here is what we think of them

Build and design

Simple and sophisticated are the two words that aptly describe the u-Jays. The headphones sport an all-metal design with an adjustable headband made of rubber-like material.

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In addition, u-Jays come with detachable foam ear-cushions and a connecting cable which make the headphones easier to be carried around. The cable also houses an in-line microphone and a three-button remote, which worked perfectly well at all times during our testing.

Despite sporting a sturdy build, the headphones are as comfortable as they can be. The earcups cover the ears completely without exerting too much pressure on them, even after extended hours of usage. The headband doesn't cause any discomfort either.

However, after long hours of using the headphones, your ears might begin to hurt a bit. But that's the case with most of the headphones and thus, not much of an issue.

Also, the material of the headband is prone to getting covered with dirt very easily. So you may have to clean it frequently if you want to keep the good looks of your u-Jays intact.

To sum it up, we really liked the look and design of u-Jays headphones and found them to be premium and classy-looking. Despite being a little heavy, u-Jays headphones are pretty comfortable.


The u-Jays aren't just about good looks; they impress on the performance front as well. During our testing, the headphones offered a good and balanced audio output.

Noise cancellation on the u-Jays was really good. You can easily use them at a noisy workplace or take them with you on a flight, u-Jays certainly won't disappoint.

Another good aspect of the headphones is that they retain audio output clarity even at higher volume levels. Bass and treble levels were really good as well. That said, performance in terms of highs, mids and lows was mixed.


The u-Jays headphones left us thoroughly impressed with their design and audio performance. We wouldn't call them perfect as they have their share of flaws too, just like any other gadget.

If you are going to spend Rs 15,999 on a pair on headphones, it's highly likely that you expect them to be good, if not impeccable. And the u-Jays are really good. Among their many positive points are a minimalist design, good noise cancellation and balanced sound output.

While the u-Jays on-ear headphones are definitely a good buy, we think they are priced a bit high.
Aliza Baidya
Aliza Baidya

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