by Drishti Patel October 11, 2016

Raghav talks to us about the Audeze Sine, the world's first planar magnetic on-ear headphone in depth.

In the audiophile world, Audeze's Sine, a planar magnetic headphone is easily amongst the most exciting and innovative headphone to have come out in a long time. Audeze is a California based audio manufacturer that really took the headphone world by storm a few years back with their planar magnetic headphones in the high-end LCD series.

We're big Audeze fans and you almost always find the Audeze LCD-3 being used in our office as a reference headphone. Incidentally, the CEO & Co-Founder of Audeze, Sankar Thiagasamudram is also an Indian. The Sine is made in Southern California and that's a refreshing change from China-made headphones we see all the time.

Audeze has roped in BMW's Designworks to design the Sine. These are the same guys responsible for designing the BMW i8. This is quite cutting edge. The Sine has an aluminium frame with a genuine leather being used for the earcups. They're super smooth and they look absolutely fantastic.

The Sine is a little heavier than most headphones, but don't forget, there are planar magnetic drivers in there. Despite that, these feel incredibly durable. They are extremely comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. The earpads are also soft and thoughtfully shaped to take away any pressure from the ears.

A lot of buzz is going around the planar magnetic headphones. You'll might be wondering what exactly is the difference between the regular headphones and planar magnetic ones? Here's an elaborate video specifically talking about Planar Magnetic Technology. 


Audeze Sine is an incredibly accurate sounding headphone especially across all frequencies: the bass, the mids & the highs. They've got a very accurate sound signature and at the same time they're extremely fast sounding driver units. You will find that you get a far more clearer and distinct audio reproduction as compared to traditional dynamic drivers, making them fast sounding drivers. 

The Audeze Sine is absolutely mind-blowing because it gets you an absolutely portable headphone, which takes a planar magnetic driver but shrinks it down to size to something that can be used on-the-go. At the same time, you no longer need an amplifier to work along with these. How cool is that!

 Audeze Sine comes along with the standard 3.5mm cable connector, that allows you to use it with almost all portable devices out there, it also comes along with the Cipher - a lightning connector cable, that's specifically made to be used along with the Apple iPhone. This is very important because this cable now allows you to bypass the DAC - the digital audio converter on the Apple iPhone and the cable in itself has an in-built DAC and amp that draws power from the lightning port to power these planar magnetic drivers, but at the same time are capable of playing music in high-resolution 24-bits, something that the iPhone DAC could never do.

The new iPhone 7 launched by Apple ditched the iconic 3.5mm connector, so this is the only way that you can listen to the music from the iPhone 7 going forward. You get an in-built app that allows you to control the DSP or the audio equaliser from the app in itself in real time. This allows you to customize the sound signature for your taste and you can save the preset you loaded up any time you want.

To all the audiophiles who are out there, who like using a high-resolution audio player along with their headphones, use the Astell&Kern AK300 with the Audeze Sine using the standard 3.5mm cable, they will sound absolutely incredible. That is going to be our #1 recommendation for a high resolution portable setup. 

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