by Drishti Patel October 11, 2016

Here's Raghav taking some time out to talk us about the q-JAYS in this in-depth review video.

JAYS's Swedish design is known for absolutely beautiful looking in-ear earphones. The q-JAYS are a balanced armature in-ear earphone which provides a detailed and accurate sound. They are priced at about Rs. 19,999 and they are a perfect pair of in-ear earphones if you're looking for something under Rs. 20,000.

JAYS take over 40 hours to make each of the q-JAYS and we don't think any other manufacturer would put in so much thought, as JAYS does. JAYS' philosophy of minimalistic design, is clearly prominent everywhere. The q-JAYS themselves are absolutely tiny, immaculate shells. They're made from a single piece of metal injection moulded stainless steel. The beautiful, smooth, reflective finish is achieved with an industry grade polishing and sand-blasting process, and finally, a vapor coating that gives it a beautiful matte black, scratch-resistant surface. 

Balanced armature drivers are extremely detailed and accurate, by their very nature. The q-JAYS are really no different. They've got two sets of balanced armature drivers for each ear, one dedicated to the mids and highs, and one dedicated to the bass. It's very easy to put the absolutely tiny q-JAYS on, or take them off.

In the box, there are five pairs of silicone tips in different sizes, a gorgeous carry case, and the detachable cables of course. For a comfortable listen, you could use them with a pair of Comply™ Foam eartips. They work great with the q-JAYS and the 100 Series should fit it just fine. The q-JAYS are a relatively high impedance earphone, but they work just great along with a mobile phone because of a high sensitivity. You don't necessarily need a headphone amplifier to drive them. If you'd like to use it along with a mic, they come in a few different options that you can choose from for iOS, Android or Windows. You could also use it along with a high-resolution audio player. A great player, like the Astell&Kern AK300, should really bring out the richness, and detail in the sound that the q-JAYS offer.

An alternative within the same price range would be the RHA T20i from Scotland. These use dynamic drivers and therefore will have a lot more bass as compared to the q-JAYS, while sacrificing some of the detail and richness. The RHAs are heavier and have an over-ear wearing style. The tiny q-JAYS are a lot more ergonomic, and convenient to use.

If you'd like to spend a little bit more money, the Dunu Audio DN-2000J for around Rs. 25,000 is a hybrid earphone, combining both the advantages of balanced armature and dynamic drivers.

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Drishti Patel
Drishti Patel

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