by Drishti Patel October 11, 2016

Raghav tell us in depth about RHA's latest flagship product, the T20i.

The award-winning RHA's T20i In-Ear Earphones, has been making waves all around the world. Most of you may not be very familiar with RHA, they're a Scottish based high-end audio manufacturer. The T20i uses the DualCoil™ dynamic driver that has a lot more resolution, detail and clarity when comapred to the traditional dynamic drivers. The RHA T20 and T20i are priced at ₹18,999 and ₹19,999 and they're absolutely identical in terms of sound, but the difference being that T20i comes with an additional mic and remote that's been made for Apple iOS devices.

The RHA T20is must be worn over-the-ear as they are relatively heavy. If you are looking for comfort and secure? RHA's unique mouldable earhook design fits any kind of ear shape or size perfectly.

Out of the box, the T20is come with an incredible 10 pairs of earphone tips in different sizes. It's held together in a stainless steel holder, comes with a shirt clip, and has a great carry case to put it all together. These can also be used with a pair of Comply™ Foam eartips. They should work very well with the 200 Series, and it offers a perfect seal to keep the outside noise out, while making it very comfortable to wear.

So, if there's one thing that RHA's known for around the world - it's for its incredible build quality for their earphones. No jokes, the T20i are built like a tank. The metal injection moulded stainless steel housing looks fantastic, and it features a unique, interchangeable tuning filter system that allows you to customize the sound signature. You can choose from a bass, treble or a reference filter, depending on your listening preferences. So basically you are buying three different high-end headphones for the price of one. A high quality, oxygen free cable, gold plated connectors, and a really well-built mic and remote are all clearly built with durability in mind. It's no wonder that RHA offers an incredible 3 years warranty on them.

Talking about sound, the RHA T20i's DualCoil™ dynamic drivers are absolutely unique, it has the bass and the punch of a traditional dynamic driver, but then to address the lack of clarity and resolution, an additional voice coil is added. One, for the mids and highs, and the other one dedicated to the bass. From the category, there are no other earphones with more detail and resolution. But, it still has a lot of bass and punch, that makes listening to these earphones a lot of fun.

The T20i is designed to be used with an iPhone. So it's easy to drive and really doesn’t need an additional headphone amplifier. It can also be used with a High-Resolution audio player, like the Astell&Kern AK300, to bring out the best in these earphones. A great hi-resolution track, should immediately reveal depth, detail and richness. So, if you’re looking for a great pair of in-ear earphones for under 20,000 rupees, there isn’t a better alternative than the RHA T20is. You should also however check out the q-JAYS balanced armature in-ear earphones. JAYS of course are from Sweden and the q-JAYS are a gorgeous pair of earphones. They have a lot more richness and accuracy in their sound but the lack of bass and punch make them less fun to listen to than the RHAs.

If you’d like to consider an upgrade, from a higher budget category, the Audeze iSine10 is recommended. Now, these are the world's first planar magnetic in-ear earphones from Audeze and they're capable of some incredible stuff. They will set you back by about 30,000 rupees a pair.

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Drishti Patel

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