March 21, 2016


Aqeel Siddiqui
Hardcore music listener



Aqeel Siddiqui gives us his review of the Audio-Technica CKX9is Earphones

I'm a hardcore music listener. I carry my music everywhere I go. Although I won't call myself an audiophile, I love to enjoy music within my budget.

Here's my experience of using these IEMs for a month.


1. Excellent sound balance: I won't compare these to high end IEMs, but in the sub ₹5k category these are a steal! Bass is never overwhelming, nor is the treble too sharp, even on full volume! You could hear each and every crisp detail no matter how low or high you set the volume.

2. Amazing fit: Once these go in your ears, they're not coming out unless you want them to. My mom once tried pulling one earphone (I didn't hear her calling me) I thought my ear would come off!

3. Awesome music experience: These IEMs have a layered sound signature. You can easily hear and distinguish each and every instrument & beat! I cannot explain this anymore in words, you'll have to hear it to believe it.

4. Build quality is top notch: Flat cable is as tangle free as it can get. With 3 fin sizes and 4 silicon tip sizes, a perfect fit is guaranteed. Plus a very handy carry case is included for safely carrying your earphones.

5. You get a free pair of comply foam tips: I had never used one before, but after using them, I'm never going back to silicone tips again.


1. The earphones are HUGE! If you have small ears or sensitive ears (like me), don't use them for very long durations and I recommend extra care while inserting and removing. It could take your ears about a month to get used to their size.

2. As a few others have pointed out, a clip is very much needed as the most common reason for damage to your earphones is snagging.

3. Mic position is too low, although it makes up for this with a highly sensitive and accurate mic.


The best ₹3.5k spent. I use these earphones while commuting, working, workouts. Pretty much everywhere I go I keep these with me.


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