February 02, 2015


Introduced to the world in the CES 2015, Sennheiser’s new Urbanite headphones have been impressing people around the world.  Urbanite headphones are much more than just luxurious product design, provoking the thought, is these going to be the new favorite?

The exteriors reflect the sennheiser quality and bespoke standards. At first glance you know these headphones are here to stay. The headband is coated with a canvas like texture that sets in the mood of the product, stylish and urban, just like an audiophile of today. The headband moves to ear-pads which are as classy as they come. The metallic detail in the logo tells you that the headphones you are going to try on promise you a great deal more. Ergonomically designed, the headband is well-padded, making them appropriate for long listening sessions. The ear-pads keep ambient noise out, giving you an uncorrupted and comfortable auditory experience. The ear-cups can be folded into a tight little package that fits snugly in a nifty carry case that comes along with these headphones. Also, it comes with a 3.5mm cable jack and an inline microphone and remote control, allowing you control your playlist and calls.

Sonic performance is just as sennheiser promises, rich, balanced and precise for any music genre. Clear ringing mid ranges and undistorted highs, plus, bass that don’t disappoint and can take lows that are novel and definitely very impressive. For people who love a tad bit more bass in their music, these headphones are a great choice for the same. These extremely good looking headphones are known to give a luxurious sonic experience and are just as efficient as they are stylish.

Excitement induced and enthused for these new headphones to launch in India, we wait for this new amalgamation of style and quality.


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