August 04, 2015

Kshitij Saxena


Above your daily life Joe with taste in a myriad of genres

This "dreaming visionary, insane student & genius geek" tells us what he thinks of his Jabra Move Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones.

Design & Build

A pair of on-ear headphones which should fit most of people quite comfortably, although someone with a large head could find it comfortable after an hour or two of listening. The pair I ordered is blue in color, which quite frankly, is the most gorgeous one of the series. Bold enough to stand out from the crowd, but isn't too in-your-face either. Build quality is sturdy enough, and the earpads have a nice texture to them.

One complain here though, the earpads seem to bonded as such at edges (maybe thermally?), and the left one on my piece came undone within a week of usage. Just might be a problem with my piece, but the people at Jabra were helpful enough to parcel me replacement pads. The headband is wrapped with nice padding in a material which feels like a cloth, dipped in the color of headphone on the outside, and black on inside. Might get dirty over time with usage, but nothing deal breaking. The buttons are also quiet sturdy enough and placed strategically without bugging too much. The wireless connection is superb and doesn't drop. Call quality via Bluetooth is also good, and person on the other side can hear your voice quite clearly.

Sound & Performance
Being a casual listener who was on the lookout for something more expressive than your entry level headphones, these fair quite nicely. The bass is exceptional for Bluetooth headphones like these. You can feel the punch of the lows, but it might just be below a level or two for bassheads. Mids too follow the same path as the bass and will not disappoint an average person. Highs are a bit on the disappointing side, and will surely bug someone who prefers clean guitar over thumping bass

The audio quality does drop when these are used in wired connection though, and that too significantly, but can be made to work when the battery is empty. All in all, these follow the trend of being high on the bass like headphones of today, but can surely be bought if you are looking for something balanced and wireless (unless you are an audiophile, in which case I am sure you know more than me).
Final Verdict
For the price, you won't find anything close to these if you are looking to go wireless. If wireless is not your primary criteria, a couple of nicer headphones are easily there for you to choose. Although I would still say you should give these a try, you might just end up enjoying the freedom from wires.

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