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10 Must Tries for every Audiophile at the Headphone Connect

by Salim Lakdawala November 02, 2019 2 min read

10 Must Tries for every Audiophile at the Headphone Connect

Headphone Connect is a community-driven meetup event produced by Headphone Zone. This event brings together people who have a passion for music and headphone enthusiasts for a day to discover and interaction.

This event gives you the unique opportunity to experience the world’s finest Headphones, Earphones and the latest in audio technology.

Here is the list of 10 products you must try at the Headphone Connect:

1. Meze Empyrean: Raghav swears by these? ‘Nuf said


Made with the tech of Rinaro's planar magnetic drivers and Meze Audio's design aesthetic, the Empyrean is a force to reckon with. It ranks high on many audio reviewers' wishlist thanks to its beauty and detailed audio output.

2. Audeze LCD i3: The Pinnacle of (Affordable!) In-Ear Technology

Audeze's most advanced in-ear, the LCDi3 features their signature planar magnetic drivers. These also come with multiple cables for a varied listening experience with multiple devices.

3. iBasso – DX220: Reference Digital Audio Player

One of the latest brands to join Headphone Zone, the iBasso DX220 is an Android audio player with a dual-DAC configuration. For convenience-lovers, it also supports wireless connectivity.

4. STAX – SR – 009: Just like its sound. We cannot describe the sound. You hear it, you feel it

The best of STAX, the SR-009 features an open-back design and a sound that has to be heard instead of being written about.

5. HiFiMAN – Arya: In case you thought Ananda’s were great. Meet greater

The Ananda's big brother, the HiFiMAN Arya offers an even better sound with its planar magnetic drivers. The low impedance makes it easy to connect to just about any source device while the open-back design is made to pack a punch in terms of the soundstage.

6. Focal - Stellia: Best Closed-Back Headphone ever? You tell us!

The newest headphone to be added to our audiophile line-up is the Focal Stellia. It blends a classy, stylish design with great sound. To cut a long story short, it's a true gem in a world of open-backs.

7. Meze – Rai Penta: 5 drivers, 2 ears and one goal: great sound!

The Meze Rai Penta features a patented hybrid driver configuration. This includes 4 balanced armature drivers and 1 dynamic driver. (PS: The housings have a great fit even if you have small ears).

8. Meze – Rai Solo: Power of Pure Music, now affordable

The first-ever to be demoed in India. The Meze Rai Solo is a single-driver IEM that's the latest addition to Meze's family of audio products. (PS: You can possibly be one of the first in India to try out these IEMs).

9. Campfire Audio – Solaris: This is Gold. No, quite literally

Whether in terms of looks or sound, the Solaris is what we consider as pure gold. It features a 4-driver configuration with a BA driver handling the treble and the 3 dynamic drivers specially tuned for the remaining frequencies.

10. Shanling – M2x: Small in Size but Big on Sound!

The Shanling M2X is the world's most affordable Tidal audio player. It supports high-res audio wirelessly as well as in wired mode. It has an AKM AK4490EN DAC chip and supports multiple audio codecs and file formats.

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Salim Lakdawala
Salim Lakdawala

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