February 06, 2016

Founded in 2003 in a chairlift in Park City, Utah, Skullcandy was a brain child of Rick Alden.

According to Rick, "I was taking a phone call. Got music on one side, and I gotta turn that off. Then, I gotta find my phone and then dig that out on the other side, so I thought about how I could pull all this together and on a chairlift, Skullcandy was born."

The first Skullcandy product, the Skullcandy Portable Link, was introduced at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) inLas Vegas,Nevada. The LINK system combined headphones with hands-free cellular technology, allowing users to both listen to music from a portable audio device, while making and receiving calls through their cell phone. In 2003, Alden sold the first products to Milo Snow & Skate, an action sports shop in Utah.

In December 2008, the company was named "the world's coolest ear bud," by Fortune magazine. In addition, Skullcandy received local standing in 2008, placing in the Utah Business Fast 50, as one of the top 50 best and most innovative companies throughout the state. The company quickly jumped to its place as the third most-sold headphone in the U.S. marketplace. 

Alden was named one of vSpring Capital's "Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs" of 2008, and holds a patent for technology that integrates mobile phones and music players, LINK technology.

Skullcandy's products which include headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks,MP3 players, and other products are targeted at the outdoor action sports demographic (snowboarders,skateboarders, etc.) and everyday consumers.

Working with artists that endorse their products with special designs, they worked in partnership with Jay-Z to design Roc Nation Aviator headphones, promoted mainly by singer Rita Ora and also produced two designs of Skullcrushers in collaboration with Snoop Dogg which followed his design theme.

Skullcandy also worked with Metallica in conjunction with the band's ninth album release, Death Magnetic, releasing two variants of limited edition themed headphones (Hesh and Low Rider model) and a card with an access code to legally download the album from a website developed by the band's label, Warner Brothers.

They have since then cultivated an image of being brash, loud and having a go-getter attitude. To do so, they have collaborated with sportspersons, singers, actors, musicians and people with an attitude of #StayingLoud.

With Skullcandy, your youness is celebrated. As they say, #THATSBADASS.


Stay Loud with Skullcandy here!

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