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How V-MODA Came Into Being

by Nausheen Shaikh February 11, 2016 2 min read


Designed in Milano, Italy, V-MODA stands to amplify an authentic music lifestyle with a range of timeless products that combine fashion-forward design, unparalleled quality and an unequivocal passion for music and materials. V-MODA was started in 2004 in Chicago, USA by CEO & Professional Musician Val Kolton, with a vision of blending analog renaissance age inspiration, Italian design and the charisma of classic Hollywood.

Val Kolton
V-MODA is the direct result of a thought that came to Val after a summer in Ibiza, where he experienced the world’s greatest DJs and clubs, and the unique vibe of the island. He wanted to somehow capture this culture, combining the love of great sound with a lifestyle driven by a need for music, fashion and art.
Back in Los Angeles, one day Val found himself on Rodeo Drive, watching a woman step out of her Rolls Royce, dressed to kill in total haute couture. There was just one thing that ruined her perfect image: a set of cheap white plastic headphones. This was back in 2002.
Kolton suddenly realized how to put his obsessions together – he would make stylish headphones with great sound, worthy of the most demanding audiophile, using metal instead of plastic to create the missing link, with a true fashion/lifestyle brand centered around music.
V-MODA Crossfade M-80 with Colosseum
Working out of a rented room in Hollywood, sinking into serious debt and laboring long hours for several years, Val Kolton and designer Joseph Bucknall created the first V-MODA products and launched the brand at the Magic/PROJECT fashion show, with a line of dance-music inspired t-shirts, hats, compilation CDs, and the world’s first line of pro-quality colored metal fashion headphones, which they called “hearwear.” These were also the first headphones in the world to feature an array of colored cables. The show brought in a bit of much-needed revenue.
Val then started going door to door, trying to sell the idea to fashion boutiques. In spite of his conviction that headphones are fashion, every store owner said "headphones are electronics, who cares if they are metal and have colors. You should sell them in electronics stores." One electronics dealer said, “headphones are not a significant category, that is why they’re shelved behind the clock radios”. 
In fact, after many more months of searching, and considering the idea of going back to computer programming to make a living, Virgin and Apple both understood Val’s vision, adding the V-MODA product line to their mix.
Avicii V-MODA
Later that year, Kolton was named one of L.A.’s Top 20 Entrepreneurs in their 20s. Today, V-MODA is consistently ranked amongst the world’s highest rated Headphones and has been conferred prestigious awards including CNET’s Editor’s Choice (2012 & ‘13), DJ Mag Tech Award (2013 & ‘14), Digital Trends Editor’s Choice Award & Head-Fi’s #1 On-Ear Headphones.

V-MODA Headphones are trusted and used by the world’s top DJs, Musicians and Celebrities like Hardwell (World’s No. 1 DJ), Martin Garrix (World #4 Youngest DJ in Top 100), Avicii (World #6) & Nervo (World Top 100 Only Female DJ).
Nikhil Chinapa
In India, famous DJs like Nikhil Chinappa, Arjun Rampal, Paroma, Akhtar, Shireen and Akhtar are a few that have adopted V-MODA as their favoured brand.
Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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