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Enhance Your Jabra Headsets with Jabra's Smartphone Apps!

by Nausheen Shaikh February 18, 2016 2 min read


Jabra has designed its sports wireless in-ears to not only provide music for your workouts, but to become a crucial companion to the active and energetic lifestyle you live.

In the pursuit of this goal, Jabra has launched two apps that while enhancing your sound, also work as your ultimate all-in-one training solution.

Jabra Sport Life App:

Jabra Sport Life is the companion app to Jabra Sport Pulse™ Wireless, Jabra Sport Coach™ Wireless and Jabra Sport Pace™ Wireless: your ultimate all-in-one training solution.

Jabra Sport Life is the next generation training partner that manages your fitness activity and coaches you to gaining the maximum benefit from your training.

A few features at glance:

Integrated Training Management

The intelligent Jabra Sport Life app ensures you get the most out of your Jabra Sports earphones by helping you to create, manage, track and evaluate your workouts.

Always Stay Informed

Precise fitness algorithms allow Jabra Sport Life to calculate your fitness levels through a variety of tests. You can set goals for yourself and track your progress. You can also keep at your fingertips, a comprehensive workout history and achievements log that keeps your workout data.

In-Ear Voice Coaching

Real-time in-ear voice coaching keeps you updated on your workout progress. You can set automatic voice coaching to a specific interval, or tap the Sports button found on Jabra Sports earbuds to get on-the-go readouts.
Richer Workout Tracking 
With the Jabra Sport Life, you can quickly and easily set up a wide range of workouts from running to cross-training circuits and enjoy advanced tracking of your workout such as: pace, distance, step count, cadence and calories burned. Keep yourself on track with the precision in-ear voice coaching optimised for cross-training.
Simple And Clear
The Jabra Sport Life App allows you to choose what live training information you see on your phone.

You can get the Jabra Sport Life App onGoogle Play & theApp Store.

Jabra Sound App

The Jabra Sound App is a music player that adds full-spectrum Dolby® sound to your music, playlists and streamed YouTube content.

With the app, you can create and share playlists and adjust the equalizer to hear music just the way you want. You can also use the Jabra Social Jukebox™ feature to build the perfect party playlist with your friends.

Experience High-Definition Dolby® Sound

With Jabra’s exclusive Sound App, Dolby® adds extra depth and dimension to your playlists and streamed YouTube content – extending bass performance and enhancing high frequencies so your music retains its clarity.


With the Social Jukebox feature you can share your party playlist and have your friends vote for the music they want to hear. Together with the Solemate orSolemate Max, you can get the party grooving in amazing Dolby sound.


You can get the Jabra Sound App on Google Play & the App Store.

Also, explore Jabra's wireless headsets here!

Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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