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by Nausheen Shaikh February 23, 2016

Scientists define Tesla as the unit of magnetic induction or magnetic flux density in the metre-kilogram-second system (SI) of physical units and it was not until 1960 that it was named after the electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.

‘Tesla’, for Beyerdynamic's headphones, stands for the latest system technology that is distinguished by a very powerful magnetic drive and clean reproduction with a low degree of total harmonic distortion.

The Tesla unit presented Beyerdynamic with a daily challenge, since values in excess of one Tesla are deemed to be difficult to achieve in the construction of headphones. Here, every increase of the so-called flux density can provide immense advantages. The voice coils can be more filigreed and consequently react more quickly, while the sound generated gains precision and richness in detail. At the same time, the energy utilization increases and the listener can play music louder. In other terms, the more the coil is for the driver, the greater details it can push out.

What can you achieve with the powerful magnetic driver? Simple, it can be used to design the voice coil that generates more filigreed sound. This is where sound benefits by gaining extreme richness of detail. On the other hand, the additional magnetic power can be converted into acoustic energy, giving the reproduction more power and impact. So, Beyerdynamic takes advantage by fully utilizing the headphone driver’s coil without any loss in efficiency. It does not matter even for the lower impedance headphones, it can still convert as much magnetic power as possible into acoustic energy.

This also helps in protecting your ears. Normally, people pump-up the volume considerably to listen to the details. This may adversely affect your ears in the future.


Well, the good thing about a high level of efficiency is that it is also effective at lower volume levels, providing a nuanced and more detail-rich sound, which means that you do not have to crank up the volume too high in order to listen properly.

The strength of the magnetic field in a headphone system should not be confused with electromagnetic radiation. Inside the headphones, there is a static magnetic field, similar to the earth’s magnetic field, which is also concentrated upon a tightly limited area: the air gap with the voice coil. So, you need not worry about the magnetic action affecting your brain or health in any way.

Tesla systems are indeed optimized so that as little magnetic power as possible escapes from the system, because this would be a loss in efficiency. Naturally, audio signals in the voice coil generate a tiny degree of electromagnetic radiation, as is the case with all headphones. But this is lower than with conventional systems anyway, because the high degree of efficiency requires a very small level of power. 

A particular highlight of Tesla technology headphone is its design as a full metal system. It prevents any uncontrolled resonation by parts of the casing leading to distortion of the sound. Apart from that, the metal shields the construction from electrical disturbance fields. In a Tesla headphone, the only thing that causes the membrane to emit sound is the musical signal itself.

Thus, it can be said that the creation of these Tesla-powered headphones by Beyerdynamic was an eye-opener for the headphone industry.

You can check out Beyerdynamic's Tesla headphone collection here!

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Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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