February 23, 2016

Earebel began in 2011 when Didi Hirsch; renowned DJ and Musician came together with freeskier and mountain biker Manuel Reisacher to create an urban street and sportswear label in Germany. Based on the hand-knitted, colourful beanies made by Manuel’s mother Pia, Manuel and Didi set about their mission to combine the humble beanie hat with the finest quality headphones. 

This is where AKG came in.

Earebel makes each activity special by creating beanie hats and headbands with integrated, interchangeable headphones powered by the Austrian giant.

Earebel are available in three different styles: Handmade, Sport and Lifestyle and in more than 100 models. The headphones are always directly integrated in the knitwear but can be easily removed if needed.

The AKG headphones are semi-open and integrated into the beanie without any annoying frames. The patent-registered system – combining a warm beanie and headphones to one unit means that the sound is excellent with no loss of quality making an Earebel beanie or headband the only way to keep your head warm and your ears happy! Taking phone calls, adjusting the volume and skipping tracks are also taken care of using the built-in control unit.

Earebel stands for the highest quality. Every Earebel beanie and headband is 100 % made in Germany. The premium Handmade collection is driven by Pia´s passion, dedication and attention to detail. As a result, she and her diligent assistants knit every beanie hat and headband by hand – most of them are made in the region of Allgovia.
Their machine-made beanies from the other two collections: Lifestyle and Sport are solely produced by a long-established, highly-reputable family-owned and operated manufacturer in Bavaria.

Together with Pia, Earebel developed a sophisticated design to directly include the AKG headphones in the knitwear.
In the autumn of 2013 Earebel was nominated for the 'German Design Award 2014’ and were finalists of thr ISPO 'Brand New Award 2014’.

In collaboration with Paul van Dyk and Feyenoord Rotterdam models of Earebel's Handmade and Lifestyle-collection were exclusively produced as a co-branding project and merchandise product for fans. At events, these beanies were given and sold as limited editions.

“We are and will remain a real family business - with heart and soul" says Didi, the only one from Earebel with a different last name. Every Handmade beanie 'made by Mum’ fits properly, thus ensuring that you have fun with it for a long time.
Manuel's sister Linda, responsible for marketing and social media, joined the company in 2015 and also 'Dad' lends a hand whenever needed – so he is more the 'man behind the wool’ constructing storage racks and delivering wool to the 'Mums' at home. 

This is what makes Earebel a business that comes from the heart.


You can check out AKG's headphone collection here!

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