March 08, 2016

In the field of audio, specifically Amps and DACS, a new player came into the market in 2010. And within the short span of half a decade, Schiit gained viral recognition for their well designed, outrageously well performing albeit fairly priced products.

The company was founded by two engineering prodigies, Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat. The duo worked in a variety of audio and A/V products and projects before they realized the need for a proper dedicated Amps and DACs solution provider.

Precision machined from high quality metal, there is a touch of elegance Schiit imbues in its products. Every Schiit product is Made in USA and the quality of their products is exceptional. Schiit believes they are built to last a lifetime and can be passed on to generations. So a lot of its products, like the Bifrost are fully modular and upgradeable.

Like most start-ups, the Schiit Audio Company started off in a garage. Even now, they choose not to have a specific corporate office, their facility is a pure production floor, with anything and everything related to Schiit audio and their products taking place there.

When Schiit came out, there were questions.



How could such a well built, high performing American made product be sold at such an affordable price?

It's simple. Schiit does this by selling directly wherever possible, and by cutting out the middlemen. Also, they emphasize on very efficient forms of production methods and engineering techniques that are highly cost effective. 

Schiit is bound by a strong set of principles, by virtue of which, they do not compare their products with other manufacturers, nor do they criticize them.

They are not bent on selling or pushing their top of the line products, and readily admit that their products aren’t the bare essentials and aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Schiit strides away from typical corporate structure and sentiment and admit their less renowned status as a fairly new company.

Schiit doesn’t believe in sales, deals, loyalty memberships, easy financing, etc. They have a fixed price, which is carefully thought out. And this is what makes Schiit remarkable.

Another big positive if you decide to go for this brand: the tons and tons of Schiit puns.

Also, feeling like Thor while transcending the universe to Asgard through the Bifrost, while wielding the Mjolnir.

Go forth and get this Schiit, Valhalla awaits.

(Yes, we made a Mad Max: Fury Road and Schitt pun. You're welcome.)

 Explore the entire Schiit range here!

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