April 12, 2016

In late 2005, while Dr. Fang Bian was living in New York City, he started Head-Direct, which was a web store for audio products and a head-fi sponsor.  

After that did well, the HiFiMan brand as we know it was launched in 2007 with the RE series of IEMs and HE-5 Planar headphones leading the charge.

In 2009, HiFiMan did away with the Head-Direct web store and launched the brand's official online store.  

In 2010, Dr. Fang Bian started two small factories in China and moved the headquarters to Tianjin, China in 2011.


HiFiMan History

Since then, HiFiMan has been making stride after stride in the audiophile community. Easily becoming one of the most critically acclaimed brands in the headphone industry.

From players to amplifiers to headphones, Hifiman has become a pioneer in all.

Explore HifiMan's extensive collection of headphones, earphones & amplifiers here!


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