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Mastering Quality Sound:  24-bit, 192kHz Studio Quality High-Res Audio


Astell&Kern natively supports MQS (24-bit / 44 - 192kHz) which is the closest to the audio that the original recording artist intended it to be. Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) is an acronym of collective lossless & high-resolution audio source formats that typically comes encoded with 24bit, 44 to 192kHz of bit/sampling rates. Since MQS delivers about 6.5 times more detail than a conventional CD (16bit/44.1kHz), listeners can enjoy more a realistic music experience.



What does 24-bit and 192kHz mean?


Hertz(Hz) refers to the number of times the sound wave gets measured per second. Files with 192kHz are measured 192,000 times per second. With in the digital audio source, 192,000 points per second entails as the number of points connected as one line associated to the signal. This is referred to as the sampling rate.


24-bit is each of the 192,000 signals that contain the binary code and is recorded in exponential terms. 2 24 are expressed as the numeral 2 multiplied by a total of 24 times, which is referred to as the bit rate.


Sampling rate is the association between resolution and how much information is contained within the music. Bit rate pertains to the dynamic range of a song and clearly expresses the change in pitch and strength of a note.

So, the higher the sampling & bit rates, the closer is your music to the original sound.


You can experience Mastering Quality Sound with Astell&Kern's High-Res Players here!

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April 15, 2016

The comments given are illuminating but how exactly can i apply it to systems and sound improvement considering that i have a Marantz5400and a professional Denon high quality 2900 dvd/audio player with a huge no of CDs and Dvdiscsmany in aad formatand relatively few in DDD
paired with Heybrooks monitorsand good qulity rearspeakers +a good sonodyne subwoofer which performed better thn a kef in critical trials i am getting good ound without listening fatique.
The setup was commented on by Mehul mepani -one time editor of AV max.How can i improve sound quality
Yourcommentspleaseon adding on Astell & Kern and ethods for doing so


April 13, 2016

Nothing can beat CD quality music. If you possess a dedicated audio cd player, e.g., Marantz, nothing like that. But cd players are becoming obsolete. However, the next option is to go to Headphonezone only…..they have carefully picked gadgets, premium ones at affordable prices…..reliable advices. Tell them your capacity to spend at the particular time, your taste in the music, the size of the music gadget that will suit you etc., you are done possessing a gadget that keeps you happily listening to music.

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