December 05, 2014

We at Headphone Zone have created a category just for serious and budding DJs everywhere.

To get the most out of studio time and help maximizing mixing fun, it's important to have superb clarity and loudness of sound. Another thing that the contemporary DJ looks for is comfort for many hours are spent at the turntables.


The needs of a practicing DJ are very specific when it comes to picking out headphones and are as such:

1. Swiveling Earcups:

An unmistakable essential, every DJ pair of headphones is bound to have earcups that either swivel or are rotatable so that you may exercise complete control over your music.

2. Defined Sound:

Unlike audiophiliac headphones where the overall sound needs to be balanced, DJ headphones need to have a very distinctive soundscape where one can easily tell the bass from the mids to the highs.

3. Portability:

It's important for DJ headphones to be portable, i.e., it should come with a carry case so that it can be safely and securely stored away in your bag while you're moving from gig to gig.

4. Coiled Cable:

A coiled cable adds to the convenience and comfort of the headphones. A long cable can be quite cumbersome and unreasonble to deal with while you're concentrating at your mixing desk.

5. One-Ear Monitoring:

You get to make the most out of the turntables and DJing experience and be good at it when it's possible for you to easily monitor your tracks on one ear amidst the loud music.

6. Comfortable Headband:

More than your head, DJ headphones have a tendency of resting on the back of the neck. Which is why it's essential to have a soft and well cushioned headband so as to not scratch at or weigh down on your head or neck.

7. Loudness of Sound:

Compared to regular on-ears, headphones for the serious practicing DJ are required to sound louder so that you may perform at your best amongst the noise of the crowd and loud music.

8. Noise Insulation:

Another essential is that when you're listening to your tracks, you shouldn't be able to hear anything else to be able to mix at the turntables like a professional.

9. Gold Plug Jack:

A gold plug jack is a failproof guarantee of durability and thus ensures a longer life of the headphones.

10. Detachable Single-Sided Cable:

A detachable cable is especially useful when you have multiple cables. You can transform your DJ headphones to one compatible for calls on your mobile simply by changing the cable.

Headphone Zone Picks

For the the absolutely focussed professional DJ, we present to you Technics: a brand that was made to cater to the very particular needs of a DJ as enumerated above.

Do have a look at Headphone Zone's dedicated category of the best DJ headphones and cart your perfect pair today and get mixing now!

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