May 02, 2016

RHA is proud to announce a brand and product accessories partnership with Hearing Components, Inc., manufacturer of the Comply™ brand, to supply their market-leading premium ear tips with RHA products.

From Spring 2016, Comply™ Premium Memory Foam ear tips will be supplied with High-Resolution Audio certified RHA in-ear headphones including the MA750 and MA750i, and the Red Dot Award-winning T10, T10i, T20 and T20i. Each product will be supplied with two pairs of medium size Comfort Plus with WaxGuard™ (Tsx-200 Series) ear tips alongside eight pairs of RHA’s own silicone ear tips in a variety of sizes.



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“We’re delighted to have partnered with Hearing Components to supply their outstanding Comply™ ear tips with our in-ear headphones. The quality of Comply™ ear tips perfectly complements our High-Res Audio products and offering them together will lead to even better listening experiences” said RHA Product Director, Lewis Heath.

“It’s wonderful to be partnering with such an innovative company as RHA and to have Comply™ foam tips as part of the RHA product offering. Our technologies are extremely complimentary – consumers will find that the resulting audio experience is truly exquisite” said Steve Trinter, Director of Sales & Marketing for Hearing Components, Inc.

Comply™ Comfort Plus with WaxGuard™ Premium Memory Foam (Tsx-200 Series) ear tips, known for their ability to deliver high levels of comfort and noise isolation, will be supplied with RHA’s high-resolution certified products. The tips feature an ergonomic design shaped for comfort in super-soft memory foam with a WaxGuard™ filter designed to prevent debris from entering the headphone. The tips will be supplied with RHA's MA750, MA750i, T10, T10i, T20, T20i and T20i Black in-ear headphones.


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