December 23, 2014

Headphone Zone prizes comfort as a factor in choosing the ideal pair of headphone and earphone. We have all been in a position and experienced discomfort firsthand when we've used the free supplied earphones with our MP3 players/Mobiles and seen how poor a fit they would give. At our store, you will find ergonomics being taking very seriously. It is our mission that everyone who buys a pair of headphones from us is perfectly content with the way these fit and our brands and product range is diverse enough to suit these comfort needs.

Let's check out the features that ensure comfort in our headphones:

Pleather Earpads - Extremely comfortable material that doesn't heat up over long periods.
Blaupunkt DJ112

Silicone Earpads - Although not cushioned, but made of soft silicone that uses air it captures as padding and never heats up unlike cushioney materials.
Panasonic HXD3+

Alcantara Leather Earpads - Can be best described as an artificial substitute for suede leather that has increased durability and stain resistance.
Sennheiser Momentum

Leather Earpads - Made to lend maximum comfort to your ears over extended periods of listening.

Let's check out the features that ensure comfort in our earphones:

Comply Foam Eartips - Technology that ensures a compliant and superior level of comfort. With these in-ears inside your ears it almost feels like you're not wearing earphones at all. These are made from propreitory memory foam material. These can be squeezed and inserted into the ear and slowly expand to take the exact shape of your ears' contours. This gives you not only the absolute best in Ergo Comfort, but also the best Noise Isolation theoreticaly possible. They don't tug at or hurt your ears but feel luxuriously snug instead. A Eartip does not get any more accurate or personalized than this and we are huge fans of Comply Foam Ear tips.

Hybrid Silicone & Rubber Sleeves - The combination of soft rubber and compliant silicone provides a snug fit that feels great and so is ideal for long term listening.

Silicone Sleeves - These canal type buds fit into your ears like a glove and feel so snug, you can have them on for hours.

ErgoFit Plus - This design offers a comfy fit during your long listening sessions. Three to four sizes of ear sleeves are supplied as well to give you a truly personalised fit.

ErgoFit - This design is optimized with the sole idea to provide you with the ultimate level of comfort and perfect fit.

Deep Bass Close Fit - This fit provides for much better noise isolation and also is made to highlight bass frequencies.

Napa Leather - Super soft leather material uniquely used to create headphones for women. 

Talk to a Headphone Guru

Talk to a Headphone Guru

Information overload? Your Guru will find the best headphones keeping in mind your budget restrictions and brand preferences.

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