January 14, 2015

  1. There’s nothing better than starting your journey with your favourite song

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  1. You can block out all the cribbing and complaining from the housewives and couples around you

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  1. You can drift away to any place you like

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Be it your comfortable couch in front of the TV or a place you’ve always wanted to be at, play the right song and day dream away!


  1. You don’t have to listen to babies speak Gibberish.

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They may even be performing an exorcism on you and you wouldn’t have a clue!


  1. So you can be anti-social and avoid the creepy men

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Because not giving them any attention is the best way to keep them away.


 6. Music makes the scenery out of your window look and feel better

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Be it cityscapes, a town or a waterfall, the perfect song can make it all better.


  1. It’s the best time to be that rockstar you’ve wanted to be…in your head!

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And ain’t nobody watching you!


   8. Because the movies they play on buses and every other public transportation is too damn lame

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Jaani Dushman, Krissh, and all those other crass movies! Its not what you signed up for!


  1. Because you cant fall asleep without your favourite playlist

And who wants to have disturbed sleep anyway?


    10. And because those long wires and bulky headphones add to your swag!

So go buy yourself those perfect pair of headphones now, now, now!

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Talk to a Headphone Guru

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