January 16, 2015

There is a reason why certain brands are premium, a reason why they are revered for their promise of luxury. That reason lies largely in the components used in making your most adored headphones and earphones. The sheer quality and standards delivered by these brands, is what makes them stand out among the numerous others. Here is a list of a few brands that have delivered to you quality hardware that you will find nowhere else.


Sennheiser HD650 in headphonezone.in

Sennheiser is a brand that uses premium quality stainless steel in many of its high-end headphones. Headphones such as the HD800, HD700, and the HD650 use pure steel in their construction. The Sennheiser HD25 Aluminum actually used high quality Aluminum that is used even in aircrafts. Their headphones are generously padded with a superior quality micro fiber, that not just pampers you but it doesn’t need much pampering. The fiber used is so durable and low maintenance that one doesn’t have to bother after buying the headphones.



V-MODA headphones at headphonezone.in

Led into the world of audio by musician Val Koulton, V-MODA is a brand that screams and even asserts its luxurious authority over other brands. Carefully created with military grade steel, and able to withstand military grade pressure, each and every product boasts of durability that sets sky high standards. Their headphones have been made in such a way that they can be dropped from a height of 6ft for over 70 times without even a dent. The headband is heavily padded with premium quality leather and can take over ten flat bends. The durability of these products have been meticulously thought into, and the deliverance of which has been made possible with the help of the components used. Even the Kevlar cable can withstand million odd bents. Quality here, speaks for itself.


RHA-Reid and Heath Audio

RHA earphones at headphonezone.in

Known famously as the Aston Martin of the audio space, RHA is a Scottish brand that is known for their immense attention to detail. Why wouldn’t they, when each and every product is handmade and engineered with extreme concentration. This brand is supremely luxurious as they too use high quality Aluminium and stainless steel. Their patented aerophonic design with their tremendously engineered hardware makes this brand a head turner.



Beyerdynamic at headphonezone.in

A brand known for its rich heritage for over 85 years, Beyerdynamic is as it premium as they come. Each and every headphone and microphone is precisely hand crafted by their employees, who possess not only technical know-how, but also high aural knowledge. This audio brand uses the love and passion of its employees to deliver the music, you are passionate about. High quality steel headphones with spring steel headbands, it might be understated, but this brand surely cannot be undermined in quality and precision.



Jabra at headphonezone.in

Teaming with eons of experience in communication solution, Jabra is an award winning brand for many more reasons. Their stylish products with the best wireless solutions an fancy components make this brand extremely premium. Jabra Sport Wireless, for instance is a pair of earphones that are pure steel, with a weight distribution that will leave you awestruck. Jabra thus, does not fall too far from the premium tree of brands.


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