February 12, 2015

Urbanears Plattan at headphonezone.in

For some people, headphones are that medium of connection that connects them to their music, hence their inner beings. For some, it is a little different. We are talking about the people for whom their headphones aren’t just a device that transforms their musical experience, but also an experience that transforms their exteriors, an accessory if you may. There are some brands that take the aural deliverance to a next level, a level that flaunts much more than the talent of the headphone. A level, where panache and flamboyance matter, and matter in large quantities.

Here are a few brands that aren’t just headphones, but extremely fashionably so.


Urbanears Yellow Plattan at headphonezone.in

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As the name suggests, Urbanears is a brand that expresses the quintessential urbane characteristics of the generation. Targeting the urban crowd that lives in the jostling cities, and consistently surrounded by colours, this brand is immensely famous for their own color schemes, which one must add, are breathtaking. Urbanears is a company who’s fashionable and very stylish headphones flaunt a number of textures and colours, leaving you spoilt for choice. Their in-ear earphones too are not just innovatively designed to keep you bass-happy, but also are bathed in a number of hues, that can match with very person’s personality. You can pick the colour that suits your personality the best. Do you need another reason for exultation? An extremely jubilant and spirited brand, Urbanears definitely ranks among the most fashionable brands.



Skullcandy Hesh 2 at headphonezone.in


Quirky, youthful and jovial, Skullcandy is a brand that oozes energy. The vibrant colour combinations and out-of-the-box designs make this brand a favorite of many. Each of their headphone has not only been constructed to catch the eye, but even their large array of colours can make a person stop short. Also, their in-ear earphones are created keeping the need of the age in mind. Vivacious colour schemes and creative designs, this brand gets out to win the hearts of many. Not forgetting the extremely iconic logo, that displays everything the brand stands for.  Skullcandy is especially loved by the youth because it expresses the rebellion and energy of their age, a factor that connects the brand to its worshippers. Thus, Skullcandy is not only endowed with an audio technology that doesn’t fail to impress but also aesthetics that stand to steal the show.


Beats by Dre:

Beats By Dre at headphonezone.in



Conceived by renowned musician Dr Dre, Beats today doesn’t just stand for its high quality audio delivery, but also its high style quotient. The brand is much like its creator. It delivers great music, in great style. The Beats promise is to not just give you a good aural experience, but even to make you look good while you are at it. Its range of colours and smooth premium design gives it innumerable points. Both fashionable and quality, Beats is a brand that has it eyes on music, in style.



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Very premium, very stylish, Woodbuds is a brand to look out for. Its earthy yet bold exterior combined with their motto of bringing people closer to the environment speaks class. This, we consider is style in its purest form. Combining the clandestine appearance of its wooden earphones with bold colours oozes style and exudes a high level of confidence. This brand definitely makes people curious as the creative zenith of creating wooden earphones has been achieved, without compromising on the audio quality or the style. A brand that is famously rising because of its pristine aura, Woodbuds will definitely leave you inspired.


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