February 18, 2015

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Today, there is an application for everything, from an application that can locate where your friend is, to an application that informs you about your own body. There is a vast pantheon of applications that have been created only to make one’s life easier and better. If there is an application for everything, our very own headsets also fall in that category. Technology today moves faster that light or sound. Brands have optimized specialized applications to be used with their product for a superior experience. We have listed a few brands and their products that use this particular luxury.


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The brand which is known for its sleek design and modern sound enhancement technology uses the Jabra Assist App which lets its owners locate their headset, in case it has been misplaced. It doesn’t get more convenient. The application readily pairs with your headset and even informs you when it is in need of a recharge. The Geo-tag feature allows you to locate the headset wherever it was last switched on. Also, if you ever forget where you parked your car, you can locate it easily with the Find-My-Car feature of this application. This application is compatible with both iOS and Android. Don’t you already wish that this application could be paired with everything around you so that you can find it anytime?

Endomondo app - headphonezone.in

Jabra Sports Wireless + too can be paired with an innovative application called Endomondo. Also, you get three months free subscription with Endomondo premium, which makes your experience all the more better. This application as they rightly say, is a fitness coach in your pocket. You get active feedback and goals from this application as it senses your heart rate. You can even connect to a friend for better encouragement and motivation through it. It is a one stop fitness application. 


Jays headset control app- headphonezone.in

Jays is known for their extreme attention to detail, and when it comes to developing an application for their earphones, they don’t fall back on it. The Jays Headset Control Application allows you to customize the usage of the microphone and remote control. It has two modes, namely the easy and advanced mode which promises to take your aural experience to a different level altogether. The application comes with a navigation wheel that allows you to launch messaging or emailing applications alongside this particular application. The Headset Control runs seamlessly in the background without corrupting any other functions on the phone. Also, the application has been designed beautifully. The matte black background gives an ultra-premium feel and reminds you of the luxury earphones you have on. Compatible with the a-Jays one+ and the a-Jays Five Android, use this application to completely turn your music listening experience around.


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The real gaming headphone brand, SteelSeries has taken the gaming experience to a higher level by incorporating the Engine 3 application. Known to enhance, magnify and improve your gaming experience to a large extent, this application is a must use with its modern user interface, functions and a new feature that will be launched in 2015 itself, a feature that will allow other applications to communicate with it. This application has been created to be extremely powerful but take much lesser space on your phone, hence slowing nothing down. It can be customized and used according to your unique taste even. We are looking forward to the new features this application will be boasting of soon this year.

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