by Abheer Monga February 04, 2015

This Chinese brand was the first to come up with headphone amplifiers and introduced the world to great lossless music through its high definition portable MP3 players. Conceived in the year 2007, FiiO has since then made a niche for itself in the headphones accessories market, and how.

A favourite of audiophiles from all corners of the world, FiiO maintains a grand customer base. The brand boasts of a range of audio players like the X5, which is its flagship model. FiiO has made the possibility of fitting high resolution lossless music fit right into in your pocket happen. Not stopping at giving you the best audio experience that is possible, their MP3 players come with a highly developed user interface that is easy to use and extremely premium. For music lovers, walkers, inhalers and everyone who stops short for music, this brand has made it possible for people to expect a little more from music each time they hear it.

The FiiO E6 is their entry level headphone amplifier and a real delight. Its tiny size and its mammoth sound output are definitely going to surprise you. Made to add that extra bass and zing to your headphones, the E6 comes with three built-in Bass EQ. This feature is extremely special as it allows the user to select the bass output according to his or her unique preference. It is a bridge between a low impedance headphone and your mobile phone or MP3 player. Try it to feel a difference like never before.

A brand for complete music lovers and audiophiles, FiiO is definitely a brand that is highly commended for its innovation and concern for music that should be felt and be around you wherever you go.

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Abheer Monga
Abheer Monga

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