January 28, 2015

Audio-technica ATH M70x

The number one selling headphone brand in Japan, Audio Technica is a brand that comes with new age technology and a rich heritage of more than half a century. Reigning its field and famous for promising its users supreme audio experience and quality, Audio Technicais a brand that is trusted by millions of music lovers from around the world.

Audio-technica ATH M70x

Their highly commended M-Series took the world by awe, and proving themselves to be the best headphones for studio and monitoring. Pleasing audiophiles from the world over, the M-series has continued to impress people with its premium building components that make them both durable and comfortable, also their driver units and earcups are created only to provide maximum satisfaction to the listener, with minimum sound leakage and great aural performance. Used by music professionals for monitoring the minute details of their music and music lovers alike, the M-Series has been stellar throughout.

Audio-technica ATH M70x

After the very popular M50x, this audio giant launched another exceedingly exciting addition to the series. The Audio Technica ATH-M70x has been revealed as the newest and the most powerful addition to the family. Strong like its other brothers in the series, the M70x comes with a mean metal build and large aperture drivers of 45mm, with rare earth magnets and copper coated aluminum wire voice coils that have been tuned to perfection to reproduce reverberating sound at all frequencies, which ranges between 5 to 40,000Hz. Promising the Audio Technica durability and superb sonic performance, the M70x is ideal for use in the studio, personal listening and even for DJ use. Created to be used in a wide array of activities, it has a 90 degree swivel mechanism that even allows for a comfortable DJ-ing experience. Also, its collapsible design makes these beasts easy to store and carry around. It has a closed back design, ensuring minimum sound leakage and maximum noise isolation. The earpads and headbands are detachable, making it easily replaceable.

The Audio Technica M70x has been packaged in the luxury way it deserves, with a tough carry case, just like the headphones themselves. Leading the M-series now, the M70x is a breathtaking pair of headphones that is here to amaze professionals and audiophiles alike.

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