by Nausheen Shaikh April 21, 2015

The brain child of DJ and CEO Val Kolton, V-MODA headphones were created keeping in mind high fashion, great sound, durability and comfort. V-MODA's XS on-ear headphones embody that and more.

Here is why we love the V-MODA XS on-ear headphones:

1. They've won every headphone award imaginable. From Sound&Vision to Digital Trends to Macworld. 2. Mind-blowing sound clarity. The M-Class Dual-Diaphragm 40mm Drivers and noise cancellation will ensure that each note rings through your cranium.


3. You can drop them, bend them, leave them out in the sun. These durable headphones will come back as pristine as ever.

Ruggedly strong, will last years long.

4. They're supremely comfortable. And the ergonomic and bespoke fit pushes sleek design to the next level.

5. They're extremely portable. The unique collapsible CliqFold design enables easy storage and carriage.



6. You can stand out from the crowd & customize your cans! Choose custom-laser engraved shields in a dozen colours. Go crazy with your own design or logo!

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Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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