April 22, 2015

Why Will  SmartCases Change Your Life? 

When you carry your earphones in your purses and your pockets; when you leave them on your tables, your glove boxes and your bedsides, they have a tendency of gettingentangled, dirty or lost. 

The SmartCases are handy, attractive, and can keep your headphones safe, clean and untangled.

Now you need to find out, which SmartCase is your Spirit Animal?

Are you the:

1. Taxi Cab

The ubiquitous black and yellow taxi cabs are found all over the country. Driven by hardworking cabbies, they are lifelines of the city and essential to our detail existence. Do you think that you embody hardwork, dedication and the dependable qualities taxis represent?


2. Kung Fu Panda

Po, the Panda is a dreamer, aspiring for the stars and achieving it through unorthodox means, a never-say-die attitude and sheer determination. Do you identify with this energetic, adorable Kung Fu master? 

3. Green Lantern

'In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight!'

Part of the Interstellar Law Enforcement Agency, the Green Lantern superheroes embody strength, strong-will, skill and creativity. Is this you?

4. Goth Chic

The goth girl or guy is a rebel, conspicuously dark, mysterious and exotic, they walk against the tide; turning heads everywhere. Do you feel like this?

5. Marshmallow

Gooey, yummy and a worldwide favourite, toasted marshmallows are the way to go for campers and people hungering for a quick tasty snack. Are you sweet and ooey-gooey on the inside with the ability to withstand adversity and come back stronger and better?

Then this is the one for you.

6. Uptown Punk

The Uptown Punk is vivacious, fun, fashionable and striving for individual freedom. This case is for the player, the rule-breaker, the party animal.

These are gonna punk you up.

7. Sunny Side Down

This case is for the happy, the easy-going and the fun-lover. They're brighter than sunshine and light up the world like nobody else!

8. Boomer

For the super-hero lovers, the nostalgic and the sporty; these earphone cases embody joie de vivre, happiness and your childhood.  



Check out these SmartCases and more! Choose your favourite!

And#AskHeadphoneZone to know more!


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