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by Nausheen Shaikh May 18, 2015

Amar Jain


A young and energetic person, graduated from The Government Law College, Mumbai with B.L.S.L.L.B. More details at:


Amar, an avid music lover and lawyer, reviewed the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones for us. Read about what he had to say!



Audio-Gear Owned and Utilized

Given that we are so mobile these days, a laptop with a Dolby Sound Card and a mobile like the iPhone are my primary sources these days for listening to anything. Before V-MODA, I owned regular Sony and Creative headphones, with no other accessories. The routine breakage of the cables of these headphones frustrated me, and my search for a good and durable headphone began.

Design And Build

The primary reason why I chose these headphones were for its design, comfort and durability. The unpacking and product registration just took just a few minutes and I was looking forward to experiencing this headphone's real sound quality! Initially it felt a little bit heavy on my ears, but as hours went by, it became quite comfortable. A great feature that is unique to these headphones is the laser engraving that allows you to have your very own logo or brand engraved on your headphone shields. Along with this, its foldable design, carry case, and the Kevlar-reinforced cable made the headphones completely worth owning.

Sound & Performance

The highs and lows are excellent. The company, of course, is known for its excellent punchy base. The trebles and mids are little lesser as compared to those offered by Audio-Technica or similar brands. But, it depends on what type of listener you are. And quite frankly, these qualities will go unnoticed unless you sit in a peaceful environment and listen to music as a professional. It has a wide soundstage. A perfect buy for my taste!

Final Verdict

Given that this product offers you so much comfort; from your own design, foldable earcups, a well designed carry case, a cable that is difficult to break (if anyone really manages to do that), and above all careful attention given to sound quality, this makes it an option definitely worth considering. Although it may seem a little heavy on your pocket if you're not a professional, but from a long term prospective, it's an investment which is worth making.

Finally, my buying experience was superb, and the knowledgeable team at Headphone Zone understood my requirements and helped me buy something really special!


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Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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