by Kamna Karam May 18, 2015

Sunil Thomas George

Chennai based Sunil is pursuing medicine.

Sunil, an audiophile, reviewed the RHA MA750i earphones for us. Read about what he had to say!


Design And Build

The RHA MA750i is definitely the Aston Martin of the in ear earphones market in terms of design and build quality and one of the few earphones I know that's stainless steel molded. The unboxing experience was top notch and the product in all aspects, felt like one of high quality. You get a stainless steel card with alternative ear tips. Although, I prefer Shure's Olive tips to get a complete custom seal as the ones that you get from the box are too hard and personally, are somewhat painful when they sit in your ear. I recommend getting Comply tips instead and specifically, the Sports Series because the standard tips tend to rip apart when you store the headphones in the case. Also the over the ear wire design can get a little annoying as in my opinion, it is not stiff enough.


Sound & Performance

For easy listening this is a very good earpiece. I expected the bass to be a lot more. But at the same time, the bass isn't underrepresented either. Characteristically speaking, you get crystal clear sound with detailed treble and the bass is not bad. Soundstage is between the wide and narrow range. All in all, a really good earpiece and taking the design and quality into account, it falls into the luxury category which is definitely deserved!

Final Verdict

Opinions can differ and people hear music differently. Also, as any audiophile would say, "you should try them out yourself!" I feel like an AMP/DAC are of no use with these earphones. Accessories that I'd recommend are the Comply foam tips: specially the Sport Series or whichever has a rugged design for a comfortable fit.

Finally, I am happy and really impressed with the smart customer service and timely delivery Headphone Zone provided.

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Kamna Karam
Kamna Karam

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