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After launching the supremely successful T10i in-ear earphones, specialist headphone manufacturer from Scotland, RHA; is launching the new T20 earphones this summer!


Although on the outside, the T20 looks similar to its predecessor, the insides have been completely revamped. With a spanking new DualCoil driver that’s made of two independent coils, a magnet, and a special diaphragm; the T20 is aimed at giving superior audio for those who love RHA's distinct sound signature.

To whit; one of the coils is designed specifically to bring out the best in the treble and upper-mid range frequencies while the second coil is dedicated to the lower-mids and bass. They also have a sensitivity of 90dB and a frequency range of 16Hz – 40kHz, and come with six pairs of standard ear tips, two pairs of double flange ear tips, two pairs of memory foam ear tips, an ear tip holder, and a carrying case for the earphones.

Although they've changed it up quite a bit, the custom tuning filters unique to these earphones, remain. The three custom tuning filters (reference, bass, and treble) allow you to have noticeable variation in the music you listen to.

Although RHA hasn't announced the price yet, these earphones are expected to be about Rs. 5k above their predecessors.

Are you excited about the new T20? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Mayank Saraswat
Mayank Saraswat

June 10, 2015

Considering RHA know to produce close to audiophile level product (T10), I hope the new RHA T20 pleases the audiophile community and the lower end do not overpower the mids. Really excited to know that they have re-worked on the existing driver. Looking forward to see the reviews on this product and eventually the launch. I know RHA is inviting applications from reviews so that they can send the earphones for review. Waiting for the moment!!!1


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