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Prachetas Jai Patel


Student, B.Tech in Biotechnology. Loves all kinds of music from house to metal; classic rock to synthwave. Gamer, and video producer.


Prachetas reviewed the Audio-Technica ATH-M-50x headphones for us. Read about what he had to say!



Audio-Gear Owned and Utilized

I have a desktop setup, mostly for gaming and video editing so I like my sounds to be as accurate as possible, not too heavy on the bass, nor too focused on highs. I own a pair of Roccat Kave Gaming Headphones as well, but in comparison to the M50x, they feel heavy and give me headaches after a while. I have a dedicated sound card to complement my headphones. People, don't use the front audio port of your PC, just don't, use the back ports (of the sound card).

Design And Build

Three words: So amazingly comfortable. I've worn them for 14 to 15 hours straight. I was a little worried about the build quality, as these are quite light, I used to always feel like they would break if I ever dropped them, but no, they've fallen from a height twice and they still work perfectly fine. They look beautiful, they feel amazing, and they are quite well built. With 3 cable lengths for convenience, you really cannot go wrong. It also comes with a carry pouch for travelling and the capability to fold itself in it perfectly. I only wish I had the blue-copper limited edition design but it seems it's unavailable in India.

Sound & Performance

This pair is a little weak on the bass, but has accurate mids and highs. Great range though! I compose as well, so this is great with my e-keyboard. But if you are a fan of heavy bass music, use an amp. The headphones are capable of heavy bass output, only they don't have it preset. Great listening experience.

Final Verdict

This is the best money can buy (in the 14-15k price range). Simply the best out there. Highly recommended.


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Qazi faisal
Qazi faisal

June 16, 2015

First of all i didnt even know my fellow indians were so passionate about headphones in the first place i must say i am very impressed. I dont live in india but you should look into sol republic i see beats reviews but sol republic is a much better company i use the v10 over ear phones by them and for my workout i use the sol republic relay sport its worth reviewing and checking out.

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