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Headphone Zone Announces Winners Of The Giveaway Week!

by Nausheen Shaikh July 29, 2015 1 min read


We reached a milestone of 10,000 followers on Facebook and want to thank each and everyone of you for your love and support!

To celebrate we conducted our first ever Giveaway Week and without further ado, here are our winners!

1. Acero Stainless Steel Headphone Stand

Rohil JainThey flew to me, rested on my ears softly,
promised me a wanderlust to a sonic galaxy!
Dev KulkarniBhar do jholi Meri yaHeadphone Zone
Laut kar main na jaunga khaali!

2. FiiO Fujiyama E06 Amplifier

Rajib Ranjan for his review of the Hifiman RE-400 Waterline Silver.


3. SmartCase:

for renaming the 'Slime Green' to 'Hulk Smash'


Siddharth Santwani for his suggestion of the 'Black Panther' for the 'Matte Black' SmartCase


4. Comply Foam Eartips:

Harman Preet Singh and his Brainwavz s0


5. And finally, the Panasonic RP-HBD250 goes to....

Hope you enjoy 'Call Me a Spaceman' with these headphones


Congratulations to all the winners! Please get in touch with us at direct@headphonezone.in to claim your prizes. 

We'd like to thank everyone for participating and good luck for the next Giveaway!

Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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