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by Nausheen Shaikh July 31, 2015

Aniel Grover


Aniel Grover gives his views on the V-MODA XS.

Design & Build

I have always wanted to have a niche product and decided to buy the V-MODA XS Matte Black. While reading up on headphones on Youtube or on Google, I found the maximum reviews by buyers and enthusiasts on V-MODA's range of products. Right from receiving the package, unboxing it and then trying them out is a great experience. It is like giving a small child a toy and seeing the glow and delight on his face. The unboxing was superb. The Box has a beautiful artificial leather handle and a rich button detail like the ones you'd find on denim and the box itself is designed well. On opening the box you find a lovely artificial rubber carry case of the V-MODA with the guide. The best part comes now... on opening the case, you'll find the lovely headphones nicely tucked in and folded like two palms with a headband. The exciting part is getting them out and stretching them to fit your head. The Cliqfold hinges are beautifully designed. Wow. This is exclusively V-MODA.

Sound & Performance

I tried HD Music which I have in abundance with some Dire Straits followed by Pink Floyd and some folk music like Don Mclean & Angus Stone. They all sound excellent, like you are in the studio listening to them live. The sound is crisp and tight . The upper mid and lower mids are well pronounced. Those looking for strong bass, sorry to say these headphones are not for you. It has a good mid bass which hits you like a hard thud and is not muddy. These can be enjoyed especially when you are on the move or travelling and that's the reason you have been provided with the excellent case. The head band is very comfortable and fits any skull perfectly. There is no stutter and the quality of sound you hear is just fantastic with extreme clarity right from strumming of strings to the tight mid bass. Being an audiophile and crazy for music, I built up my gear and even have the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 which takes you to a new oblivion. So those reading, just don't think about it, and go rush to your nearest dealer (Headphone Zone) and pick up one of these. I am sure you will only have smiles and no regrets. The mids & the lows are so clear and spacious that you can get a feel of every sound you may have lost in hearing through other headphones.

Accessories & Complementary Gear

As of now the V-MODAs do not require an amp. So I got myself the Fiio X5 2nd Gen Digital Audio Playerwhich has a built in DAC & Amp and is sufficient to take you on a wonderful journey of sound. I also have the UE 9000 wireless headphones with built in amp which is another excellent headphone with excellent clarity of sound and large soundstage.  Of course if you want the best of music you need good quality collection of 24bit 192khz or 24bit/96khz of music.

Final Verdict

My final verdict is these headphones are great daily use in any environment. Good sound quality, tight mid bass and very good low mids. It's a great little package. Don't think, just go buy it.

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Nausheen Shaikh
Nausheen Shaikh

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