July 31, 2015

Vineeth Pillai

Vineeth Pillai, Dog Lover from Mumbai tells us what he likes about his RHA MA750i In-Ear Monitor Headphones.

Design & Build

To be honest I had no clue that a company named Reid and Heath Acoustics existed till I browsed through the Headphone Zone website. It was based on the recommendation of one of their executives Ms. Bhavika, that I decided to take a leap of faith and go for the RHA MA750i. I am glad that I don't regret taking that decision because in terms of build and design, it is one of the best earphones available in the market and could stand toe-to-toe with any premium brands! The earbuds are crafted out of stainless steel and have the RHA logo embossed on them. The cable is one of the thickest I've ever seen (which could be a put-off for some but works fine for me) and feels robust and at the very end you have a spring coiled around the cable thereby reducing the stress on the cable when the audio jack is plugged in. The overall build quality of the headphones is top-notch. Period.

Comfort & Fit

Now comfort is a factor that would be entitled to different opinions. The stainless steel earbuds are quite heavy as compared to their plastic counterparts. Having said that, I didn't really feel the weight since the earphones are designed to loop around the ears, thereby ensuring a snug and secure fit. I have used the earphones for as long as 2-3 hours on a continuous basis and never once felt the earphones to be heavy or dangling on my ear. But my brother didn't find them to be comfortable beyond an hour of continuous usage. As far as the ear tips are concerned, I gotta hand it over to RHA for providing 9 pairs of ear tips along with the stock that comes attached to the earphones! Given the wide choice of ear tips, it goes without saying that anyone could a pair that best suit their ears!

Sound & Performance
Now I am no audiophile to figure out the clarity of the music on highs, mediums and lows but I'll say this, the overall music quality of these earphones is quite simply the best I have ever heard. The bass isn't overwhelming but is loud and clear enough for you to enjoy the music. One interesting fact that I noticed was that the sound clarity of these earphones increased with more and more usage. The difference was quite noticeable in using them after a month as against the first time. This gives the impression that the earphones must be used at a stretch for some time to ensure that it performs at its optimum level. In many cases I could hear the secondary musical instruments running clearly without the distortion of the primary ones and at times I was hearing the secondary instruments for the first time which was a new experience for me. The overall sound is very crisp and warm. Also the trumpet shaped earbuds ensured a good noise isolation which could be further improved using the memory foam tips provided along with the earphones.

Accessories & Complementary Gear

Although my initial impression about the "i" in the MA750i was the usability of play/pause button and volume controls (When it comes to any other device other than iPhone/iPod, only the play/pause button works). However when I plugged in the earphones with my mobile Xiaomi MI4 and my iPod touch, the difference was drastic. While the overall sound quality was really good when used with any of the mobiles, it was a whole different level when plugged onto the iPod. I'd personally recommend using the iPod or iPhone to get the most out of these amazing pair of earphones!

Final Verdict
Sturdy built
Premium look
Amazing sound clarity
Decent Bass
Good selection of ear tips
Premium Carry Case
Value for money
3 year international warranty

Some might find it a bit heavy for long usage
It takes time and some usage for giving out its best performance
The treble could have been improved

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